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Managed Service Providers Deliver Value

Managed Service Providers Deliver Value

There can be no denying the opportunity that comes from using managed IT services, particularly in regard to how much you can save in both time and resources. Before managed IT services, businesses would often have to settle for unreliable and expensive IT assistance, but there are better alternatives these days that businesses cannot just benefit from, but flourish with. In other words, managed IT is capable of creating immense value for your business.

The Alternatives to Managed IT
We say “alternatives,” but honestly, they aren’t exactly the most viable options for your organization. There are generally two types of IT management alternatives to managed IT: hiring an in-house IT department, and break-fix IT. The issue with hiring an in-house IT department is that not all businesses have the assets to make this happen. Trained IT professionals aren’t the most affordable resources, which makes some businesses content to just rely on non-trained professionals to make sure maintenance and management happens–a risky venture to say the least.

In an attempt to find a viable alternative to hiring internal IT help, businesses utilize break-fix IT, but this is hardly a more useful or helpful solution. Break-fix is far from the cost-effective solution that businesses seek. Rather than solving the problem at its roots, it only solves the short-term issues that you might be having, not taking preventative measures to make sure they don’t happen again.

Both of these options are not adequate for a modern business that hopes to be self-sustaining in the long run. This is where managed IT comes in.

The Benefits of Managed IT
Technology management is made easy by working with a managed IT provider. Here are some of the ways that managed IT can provide value for your organization:

  • Less downtime: Any time spent not working as intended is considered downtime for your business, and it should be prevented as often as possible. Managed IT aims to make issues more preventable, which means that if you’re taking advantage of it, you’ll experience less downtime.
  • Fewer costs: Hardware and software can be expensive, so a business that wants to save money in the long run will try to cut corners and costs as frequently as possible in this area. If your hardware experiences fewer issues thanks to proactive maintenance, you’re spending less money over time, improving the value you receive from your assets. This also means you’re not footing an expensive repair bill as frequently, as well.
  • Increased flexibility: Managed IT generally includes a remote service component. This means that your organization can get IT support without the technician being on-site. This keeps your costs to a minimum, and you can enjoy IT support whenever you need it without having to wait around for a technician to show up.
  • More time: Managing IT is a time-consuming task. If you don’t have someone handling it full-time, work can build up and eventually create issues. For example, if technology isn’t receiving proper management, you can forget about implementing new solutions to improve operations. The same can be said for the reverse, as well. If you’re too focused on implementing new solutions, you don’t have time for general maintenance. Managed IT essentially gives you more time, as you don’t have as many responsibilities to work around and can instead focus on making more money for your business.

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