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IT Due Diligence and Network Audits

IT Due Diligence and Network Audits

Whether you’re a private equity firm looking to add to your portfolio, or a business owner looking to make your business more efficient, an IT audit is important part of the process. It’s known as ‘due diligence’, and knowing what a company’s IT assets consist of (both hardware and human capital) as well as how they’re being used, and why, is roughly the same as its balance sheet — a good place to start your investigation.
To truly understand what you have, and to avoid costly surprises, you need a thorough examination of hardware, software, staffing, and practices.
Ashton will find the minutiae and point you in the right direction. Our team conducts an on-site analysis that lasts hours, or days, depending on the complexity of the network.


• Server/Storage Infrastructure
• Firewall configuration
• Switches
• PCs
• Wireless Infrastructure
• Backups/Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity
• Endpoint Protection (aka Antivirus/Malware Control)
• Remote Access/User and Remote Site Access
• Patching/Security Patching of Systems
• Version/Change Control
• Documentation of IT Processes and Procedures

Analysis and Recommendations

Our process includes in-depth interviews with all relevant staff; extensive testing; verification of all assets, warranties and licenses; and installation of remote management and analysis tools to gather more data and identify gaps between current infrastructure and best practices. After testing, we provide a comprehensive (and confidential) report on the state of the network, as well as a gap analysis between the current infrastructure and best practices, followed with recommendations for remediation. We can also can review self-assessment audits to confirm the findings or point out inconsistencies, and make recommendations on staffing levels.

Protect Your Investment

If you’re a business owner, this information can go a long way in helping to protect your investment and making your team more efficient. If you’re looking to acquire a company, you’ve probably already done your diligence in terms of financials, compliance, legislative issues, and more. Why not add technology to the agenda? If you’d like to learn more about your existing IT network, call Ashton Technology Solutions at 216 397-4080.

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