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April 2nd ZoomBomb Update

Dear Chad- I would imagine that, like many, you’ve recently become intimately familiar with remote work solutions like Teams, Zoom, Skype, Facetiime, etc.  Here at Ashton, we’ve always been big fans of Microsoft Teams, and with our engineers working remotely these days, we’ve come to rely on it even more.  Daily team meetings at 8AM, noon sessions to recreate our lunchtime camaraderie, and even 4:30PM virtual happy hours on Fridays.  And that’s not to mention the communications and document sharing that go on throughout the course of the day.

For that reason, we wanted to bring to your attention an alert that the FBI posted this morning (April 2nd, 2020) regarding videoteleconferencing (VTC) hijacking.

The post can be viewed through this link to the CISA, which is part of the Department of Homeland Security.  Included are suggestions, considerations, and resources for your continued use of VTC.  If you’re looking for a recommendation, we would go with Microsoft Teams due to the fact that it has what we consider to be top notch security solutions.

As an aside, as I was in the process of writing this email, my son (a college senior) texted my wife and I to say that one of his online classes had just been ZoomBombed. I’ve posted a screenshot of the conversation to our website, if you’re interested in a firsthand look at what VTC might look like.

I hope you’re doing well, working efficiently, staying healthy (and sane), and enjoying some extra family time.


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