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Thoughts From Abbott’s Inbox; January 22nd, 2021 Edition

Thoughts From My Inbox
January 22nd, 2021

Wow. Lots of good stuff in the inbox this week!  Some technology, and some in the area of lesser known sporting and outdoors events. Things here at Ashton are busy as we work to finalize and then roll out a new brand strategy, while also keeping our clients up and running, safely, securely, and efficiently.  How’s business been for you, three weeks into the new year?

Something About…

The Dark Web

The Dark Web is set up to provide anonymity for its users- those perusing, and those providing goods and services.  Every now and then, however, the authorities are able to actually find one of the criminals who use the dark web to peddle illegal goods.  It happened again recently, and the story is pretty interesting. 


You may have heard that the value of Bitcoin continues to increase, which may be why a Brit is offering to pay $70MM to dig up a landfill.  Seems that he threw out a hard drive that contained quite a bit of the cryptocurrency… seven years ago!  And he’s still trying to get permission to search for it.


While we’re on the topic of bitcoin, I wonder if the dumpster diver mentioned above would pay taxes on that Bitcoin if he found his hard drive?  According to my friend Rob McCreary, the IRS is now asking Americans (via form 1040) whether they bought, sold, or traded any virtual currency in 2020.


There always seems to be something in my inbox about phishing, and that’s probably because it’s one of the most common ways for cybercriminals to wreak havoc on a network.  A recent report shows that Google found more than 40,000 phishing website EACH WEEK in 2020. That’s a lot of phish!


It used to be known as the Paris-Dakar rally, but since they’ve moved it to different places (Saudi Arabia, South America), it’s now just known as Dakar.  It’s an annual 9,300 mile race through the desert, run in off road vehicles and motorcycles, with the 2021 edition having finished last weekend.  Some pretty cool photos of the race ended up in my inbox on Tuesday morning, this week.

Airborne Yachts

While we’re on the topic of sports, you probably also missed the fact (unless you pay any attention to sailing) that the America’s Cup challenger series is currently taking place in New Zealand.  The winner gets to race against Team New Zealand (the defending champion) for the America’s Cup, and the USA is represented by the New York Yacht Club and “American Magic”.  Some might think it’s magic to watch a sailboat cruising at 38 knots (43 MPH), but what happens when it goes airborne and capsizes???  Check out the video from last weekend, embedded in this article. 


My friend Dave Loomis has published a new book on marketing, and when I got the email about it the other day, a quote from another author jumped out at me. “The entire experience encountered by a buyer from a seller proves or disproves the truthfulness of any marketplace claim.” This is what we at Ashton face on a daily basis in a very crowded market place for managed technology services.  Our sales team talks until we’re blue in the face about how we’re different, but it’s not until buyers make that decision, that our engineering team backs up everything we’re selling. In the end, this is how we create long lasting relationships- by proving our marketplace claims.


We all know that millennials are the most knowledgeable generation when it comes to technology, right?  They grew up with it, so it makes sense.  Turns out that even though they understand technology, they don’t understand the importance of proper password habits. The younger the person, the more likely they are to share their credentials. Conversely, 80% of baby boomers put a lot of thought into their passwords and know how to recognize a phishing scam. How often do you share your passwords?


I’ve read a few books on the topic of climbing Mt. Everest, so this one about K2 jumped out at me. A team of 10 Nepalis late last week became the first to summit K2 during winter.  It is second in height to Everest, and only 250 meters shorter.

That’s all for this week.  My football teams are done for the season, so while I’ll probably pay some attention to this weekend’s conference championship games, it’s on to the NHL (and house projects)! Anybody else have anything interesting that they’re working on?  Cleaning your closets (did that a few weeks ago), digging through your basement (last weekend), organizing the garage (next weekend)?  Enjoy your weekend, whatever you wind up doing!


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