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Thoughts From Abbott’s Inbox February 26th, 2021

Thoughts From My Inbox
February 26th, 2021

Trees, Quickbooks, and Lacrosse

Temps hit the mid-50s here in Cleveland, this week, and I’m sure some of you enjoyed that.  Personally, I’d rather wait until mid-March (if not early April) for warm weather and melting snow.  I’m good with at least another couple of weeks of snow and cold.  And, now that I’ve probably scared away many of my readers… this week was quiet from a technology perspective, but there was a lot of other interesting news in the old inbox.  


Something About…



There’s a good chance that your business uses QuickBooks for its accounting… if so, you should be aware that researchers are seeing an increase in phishing attempts aimed specifically at gaining access to QuickBooks data.




I’ve had a few posts about sailing lately, so why not rowing?  It seems that a Brit has just become the youngest woman ever to row solo across the Atlantic.  Thanks, but no thanks.  I’ve had to row broken down fishing boats a few times in the past… less than a mile.  I surely wouldn’t want to do that across an ocean!



Sonicwall Remote Access

You might remember a few weeks back that hackers had found a vulnerability in Sonicwall’s SMA hardware (which provide remote access capabilities).  Sonicwall has just pushed out additional patches for these devices, so if your organization uses SMAs for remote access, make sure your technology partner is up to date.




I know I have at least two former lacrosse players on this distribution list, and I’m sure there are football fans, as well… Chris Hogan came into the NFL ten years ago, known as a standout college lacrosse player.  Then he won two Super Bowls with the Patriots.  He most recently played for the Jets this past season, but now it seems he’s going back to his lax roots.



Keeping Police Inline

I have a friend who used to travel the world, certifying inline skaters to become Rollerblade teaching professionals. I don’t think she’s ever worked with a local police department, though.  I’ve already suggested to her that there might be an opportunity she’s missing out on. Thanks to Lou at Rad Graphics for the submission.  He’s the one who provides the merch that he’ll be getting for this tip!



Working From Home

It used to be that ransomware was aimed at consumers and the idea of mass marketing; hit as many people as you can by encrypting their photos and other files, and some will pay the ransom.  Then the market shifted to businesses and more targeted attempts for bigger bucks.  Now, there’s question as to whether the bad guys might move back to targeting individuals.  Especially those working from home and having poor security measures in place, either because their employer doesn’t take the proper measures, or because the user doesn’t.



Planting Trees

Our friends at Holden Forests & Gardens (the Holden Arboretum and Cleveland Botanical Gardens) announced yesterday the launch of People for Trees, a pledge-based initiative to plant 15,000 new trees in Greater Cleveland.  According to the website, there are many essential benefits of trees, from health and wellbeing of individuals to helping other natural resources.  Reading this article got me thinking of a TedX talk presented in 2015 by one of my high school classmates, Rich Cochran.  He’s the Executive Director of the Western Reserve Land Conservancy, and his presentation on the importance of trees in urban areas was quite fascinating.



Real Estate

Last week, it was a $29M apartment in Manhattan (and that was the article that received the most clicks of any in my list).  This week, a ski chateau at Lake Tahoe.  I think this one has more upside.  You’ll just need to be able to envision it, though…






That’s all for today. Here’s hoping you have a great weekend!



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