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Thoughts From Abbott’s Inbox April 16th, 2021

Thoughts From My Inbox
April 16th, 2021

Hockey, Cheese, and The Ginger Assassin

As I’m compiling this week’s Thoughts, I realize there’s very little about technology, aside from cheese and monkeys. That’s not to say that I didn’t get technology related items in my inbox this week, but they were all well over my head (that’s not saying much), so I figured I wouldn’t bore you with the details about code and random government issued security alerts for devices that most people don’t use.  



Something About…


Supply Chains

First, I came across an article about shipping pallets, and the fact that they are in high demand (with low availability). Then I came across one about the difficulty in getting certain pieces of furniture, due to the shortage of a specific chemical used in making the foam for seat cushions.  Over the past year, we’ve seen lots of industries suffer, while many others have seen huge growth.  These are just two more examples of things we probably don’t think of, until we have a very specific need.



Baseball NFTs

I don’t get this whole thing about non-fungible tokens, and it’s safe to say I never will.  Now we’ve gone to baseball cards (Topps). I guess if you can make money on something, then why not give it a try?  But as I’ve said before when talking about NFTs, I’d rather just have something I can hold in my hand or put in a drawer (in this case, a real baseball card)!



Blowing Up The Internet

A 28 year old Texan was arrested last week for purchasing what he thought was C4 explosive material from what turned out to be an undercover FBI agent.  The man was hoping to blow up Amazon’s Virginia data center and long term, he was hoping to wipe out “70% of the internet”.  Okay.



Monkeys Playing Pong

Anybody out there old enough to remember when Pong was the first video game?  Elon Musk has developed a way for the human brain to interface with machines, computers, and mobile devices. And he’s testing it by having a monkey play Pong.



If it wasn’t concerning enough when ransomware started effecting hospitals’ ability to provide emergency healthcare, now the cyber crooks are going after cheese.  This is not okay.



I don’t bowl, and I definitely don’t watch it on tv.  But when I saw the headline that this feat had only been completed three times on live tv, in the history of televised bowling, I figured I should watch.  That, and the fact that the guy’s nickname is “The Ginger Assassin”. That one belongs in the nickname Hall of Fame.

Tennis In Cleveland

Not sure how I missed it when originally announced in January, but it sounds as though Cleveland will be hosting a WTA event in August, the week before the US Open begins.  I can remember as a kid sitting in a parking lot next to the Shoreway, watching the Society Bank (now KeyBank, for you young people in the audience) Open.  It’ll be kind of cool to have professional tennis back in Cleveland.


Happy Gilmore

Combining a golf highlight with a couple of hockey highlights from the past week, so it only made sense to reference a great Adam Sandler movie. First, we have a professional golfer putting with a three wood since he couldn’t control his temper.  Then, we have a great assist from the Pittsburgh Penguins equipment manager.  Finally, we have the best goal from Saturday’s NCAA championship game.  Wow!


Real Estate

This one isn’t on the market, but you can rent it for a night.  And while I don’t care for the Tampa Bay Lightning, if somebody wants to send me down to Florida to spend a night with the Stanley Cup, my birthday is in August and I’m always open to early gifts.


Cyber Liability

Two of the guys from the smart side of our office (remember, I sit on the sales and marketing side, away from the engineers) are teaming up with cyber liability experts from Oswald Insurance on a panel discussion, this coming Monday (April 19th) at noon. The topic is “Navigating Technology and Cyber Risk: How to Reduce Your Costs and Limit The Threat Factor”.  You’ll learn more about the threats that businesses face, the recent changes in cyber liability insurance policies, and how to reduce risk AND cost. Learn more and register for what promises to be an excellent discussion and Q&A session. 

That’s all I have for today, so I’ll keep my closing short and sweet.  Enjoy the weekend!



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