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Thoughts From Abbott’s Inbox May 14th, 2021

Thoughts From My Inbox
May 14th, 2021

Gasoline, Meat Logs, and Lacrosse

Apologies for the delay this week.  It’s such a nice day that we decided to fire up the grill for a team lunch.  While I do the prep and grilling, organizing my Thoughts gets delayed.  But the burgers and brats were outstanding. 



Something About…


Quick Ransomware Resolutions

CNA Insurance has fully restored their systems after a March 21st ransomware attack that affected 15,000 devices.  A couple of questionable items from this piece; A. It took them almost two months to recover. B. they “took immediate action by proactively disconnecting our systems from our network to contain the threat…”.  They only have 5,500 employees and 15,000 devices were affected.  How many did they save? And C. They “deployed endpoint detection and monitoring tools on the newly restored systems during the recovery process.”  Why weren’t these solutions there in the first place??? It probably would’ve prevented two months of agony. Talk about a dumpster fire.



Chip Shortages

As you’ve probably heard, we’re currently facing a chip shortage, which effects everything from cars to PCs to consumer appliances.  Just this morning, as a matter of fact, I was trying to find monitors for a client with a few new employees.  Throughout our entire distribution network, there’s not a 24” monitor to be found.  We even checked some of the big online retailers, and they show everything as being backordered, as well (thanks to Paul Holter at Plymouth Church for sharing this piece to my inbox).




As you’ve probably heard, the Colonial Pipeline was hit by ransomware late last week, leading to a fuel shortage in many southeastern and mid-Atlantic states. Initially, they claimed to feel badly about affecting our infrastructure, and promised to do a better job vetting their targets, the next time around.  Now, it seems the hacking group at fault is disbanding.  And in case you weren’t aware, Reuters reminds us not to fill plastic bags with gasoline (take note, hoarders and toilet paper aficionados).



Meat Logs

I got this via text last night.  Then it appeared from a different sender in my inbox this morning, so I figured I needed to share it with the world (especially considering that it happened in South Euclid but made it to print in Kentucky).  And who knew there were 10lb. logs of meat, anyway?



Two weeks ago, I had a piece about beavers cutting the internet connection to a small Canadian town.  Now it seems that same family of beavers has been out stealing lumber. Maybe they thought they were getting beef logs…


Jesse Burkett

Never heard of him?  Neither have I, and I am a huge baseball fan. An 1893 baseball card featuring the Cleveland Spiders’ Jesse Burkett recently sold for $87,000 at auction.  Not bad for an attic find, but still somewhat less than the famous Honus Wager T206 card that sold for $3.25M back in October or the Mike Trout rookie card that sold for $3.9M last August.





Lacrosse is my favorite spring sport, and the NCAA tournaments start this weekend for men and women.  I’d actually be ok with bad weather so I’d have an excuse to sit and watch on tv all weekend!



Lacrosse is my favorite spring sport and hockey is my only winter sport.  If you’re a casual fan or even if you’re considering it, you need to start watching Connor McDavid of the Edmonton Oilers (how many Clevelanders can claim, like me, that the Oilers are their favorite NHL team?). McDavid is having a huge year, and just did something that the NHL hasn’t seen in 25 years.   And in case you missed it, this past Monday was the 51st anniversary of one of the most famous goals in NHL history.

Summer Jobs

Our friends at Hiram House Camp in Moreland Hills are looking for camp counselors.  If you have a high school kid who you want out of the house (or know somebody who does), this is a great opportunity at a great place!

It looks like we’re going to have a beautiful weekend!  Perfect for mowing the lawn, playing golf, cooking out, and watching lax and hockey on tv. Oh, and don’t forget the Tribe (they continue to find ways to win while being one of the worst hitting teams in MLB), and the Preakness (since my mint julep recipe was a hit, here’s one for a Black Eyed Susan). Have a great weekend!



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