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Thoughts From Abbott’s Inbox June 11th, 2021

Thoughts From My Inbox

June 11th, 2021

Ransomware, Fling Golf, and Frisbees

If you happen to run into my wife Nancy at any point over the next couple of days, please congratulate her (and thank her for me) for putting up with me for the past 28 years, as of tomorrow (36 if you go back to when we first met).  I know many of you will have trouble believing that we’ve been married for that long, especially considering that she doesn’t look her age and I definitely don’t act mine. Anyhow, the inbox was overflowing this week, so have fun!



Something About…



You all know what phishing is, but vishing is a little less common.  It’s the act of using a voice call to get personal details like usernames, passwords, and account numbers.  In this case, scammers send an email mentioning the new 77” tv you just bought from Amazon.  Oh, wait.  That’s a mistake?  Better call this number and have them take it off of your credit card…




There’s a new list of breached passwords floating around the dark web, with what looks to be 8.4 billion accounts.  Considering there are 4.7 billion internet users, that’s a lot of accounts.  Realistically, many of these are outdated, but it’s still a good reminder to never use the same password for multiple sites/accounts, and to use a password manager if you need to.



Ultimate Frisbee

Can anybody reading this honestly tell me that they were aware that there is an Ultimate Frisbee league?  And that it’s televised?  And that it gets what look to be big crowds? Who knew?




A Latvian woman is facing charges for programing code for the Trickbot ransomware gang.  This one jumped out at me as I realized that I’d just read her name in our wonderful daily, The Plain Dealer.  Sure enough, she’s going to court here in Cleveland.

At the same time, the Feds were able to trace the Bitcoin that Colonial Pipeline paid to decrypt their data and systems, and have so far been able to recover over $2M, although the value of Bitcoin has decreased since the ransom was first paid.


Fling Golf

Happy Gilmore combined golf with hockey, but now there’s Fling Golf, which combines lacrosse with golf.  I play golf but it’s not something I really practice.  As a matter of fact, I’d much rather be out in the yard with a lacrosse stick and a bucket of balls, and I haven’t played competitively since high school. I’m thinking that one of these in the golf bag would really help my game (or at least my attitude on the course).  Editors Note:  It seems the Fling website may have crashed.  So here’s a YouTube video showing how it works.


Real Estate

This weekly publication started off with a focus on information technology (since that’s what Ashton does), but then started to include random things that made their way to my inbox.  The real estate items tend to get more clicks than anything else, but I wasn’t going to post this one until I saw the master bath with a working fireplace, tub in the center of the room, and a nice leather arm chair.  I can’t tell if this is a den with a tub and sinks, or a bathroom in which to relax (image #16).

And there’s also this one from Australia; a house with no bathroom or kitchen sold for $4.7M (Australian) which is equivalent to $3.6M USD.  The buyer is tearing down the house, so basically, they bought .13 of an acre. That’s some expensive real estate! I also get a kick out of the line later in the article “Henry Lawson used to live next door, and when the old blokes across the road were young boys, he’d pay them sixpence to drag him home from the pub in their billy cart.”  Anybody care to translate?


Google Chrome

Google has found security issues with their Chrome browser and released updates to patch these concerns.  If you’re using Chrome as your browser, make sure to update your system.


Not Being Prepared

Recently, a former client called us.  They’re a small business here in Cleveland with 10 employees, and they’d been hit by ransomware.  You can see everything that made them easy targets, but consider that they lost tens of thousands in ransom payments and remediation fees, and that doesn’t even include the fact that couldn’t access any of their data (meaning they couldn’t work) for over a week.  What would happen if your business was shut down for a week? (Oh, and they’re back to being clients.)



Bo Jackson

Back in the 80s, Bo Jackson was an all star athlete in two professional sports (football and baseball), which lead to a great set of Nike ads.  It seems that, in addition to baseball, football, hockey, cricket, and motorsports, Bo knew diving, too.



100 full triathlons in 100 days?  Sounds crazy (and close to impossible), but a Canadian living in Utah just finished the task, earlier this week.  According to this article, he walked much of the 26 mile marathon piece every day, and had a lot of help from IVs (illegal in competition).  But he still finished.  Is it legit?

That’s all for this week.  Nancy suggested last week that I need to stop making it seem like all I do on weekends is watch sports. So, while the NHL playoffs are down to their final four, I won’t be spending much time with them. I can’t stand three of the four teams, so I’m pulling for the Montreal Canadiens by default (I always root for the Canadian teams). Aside from celebrating 28 years, I think we’ll hit some estate sales this weekend (isn’t that what all empty nesters do?) and play a little golf (minus the fling stick, currently out of stock).

Have a great weekend.



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