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Thoughts From Abbott’s Inbox July 30th, 2021

Thoughts From My Inbox

July 30th, 2021

Olympics, Cricket, and Expensive Real Estate

Based on our tv, the Olympics are in full swing, and my inbox would agree.  As often seems to be the case any more, I was having trouble putting together a good batch of articles to share with you today.  And then the Olympic stuff started rolling in.  So, we’re just going to refer to this as the Olympic Edition (it’s not all sports related) of Thoughts From My Inbox. 

Something About…



We’re a week into the summer Olympics, and this appeared in my inbox. It’s the wrong season, but still appropriate.  And it’s one of the best scenes from one of the best sports movies of all time.



Secure Wireless

The NSA recently released a list of guidelines and recommendations for using public wireless network sand how to avoid being taken advantage of.




Olympic Passwords

Since we’re on the topic of Olympics, it seems that a recent password breach shows that Olympic sports are a common theme in users’ passwords.  Baseball, softball, volleyball, and basketball are some of the most common. While the article is well timed, I question whether this might actually have been a case of the author trying to get a few additional clicks.  Do people really think of baseball and softball when they think Olympics?  If I were using Olympic -themed passwords, I’d go for Luge2020** or maybeCurling1969##.




iPhone Security Updates

Apple has another urgent security update available for users of newer iphones, ipads, and Macs (don’t worry mom- I’ll get yours this weekend).





A teenager onboard a United Airlines flight caused a three hour delay by sending a picture of a gun (Airsoft) to other passengers via AirDrop.  A good reminder to set your Apple device to receive AirDrops from contacts only!


Olympic Medals


I’d seen something on the tv coverage earlier this week about Olympic medals being cast from metals from recycled electronic devices.  And then it appeared in my inbox. Interesting stats and videos regarding the 32kg worth of gold (not to mention all thesilver and bronze) that was reclaimed from consumer devices.

Real Estate

Haven’t had anything real estate- related recently but I keep hearing about the $169M apartment on Park Ave in NYC.  Yes, $169,000,000 for six beds and seven baths.  Shockingly, that wouldn’t even be the most expensive property ever sold in the city, but if you were worried about the price, it does include all the furnishings, so you have that going for you.  It’s mentioned that the great room is 93 feet long; since we’re talking Olympics, I found some statistics.  The runway for the vault is only ’82 feetlong, and the floor exercise mat is 40’x40’. A basketball court is 92’ long, a volleyball court is 59’, and a badminton court (I played in college) is 22’ long.

Olympic Hackers


We all know that hackers like to take advantage of current events; COVID, Friday the 13th, April 15th, and now the Olympics. According to the FBI, broadcast networks are to be on high alert as hackers look to interrupt coverage of the games.



Business Email Compromise


71% of businesses (according to this article) were faced with a business email compromise (BEC) attack last year.  An educated workforce is the first line of defense, and you should always, always, always have multifactor authentication in place on your network.  This article has some other great suggestions (technology and otherwise) to help you protect your network from BEC.



Minor league cricket (even though there’s no major league cricket) makes its debut in the US this weekend. Who knew?!?!  The league has 27teams spread across the country, and while the names are all kind of bland (The Chicago Catchers?), at least they’re better than Guardians!  Here are a few terms to know, should you decide to tune in.


That’s it from the corner (sort of) of Commerce and Mercantile.  The Tribe is in the midst of a fire sale, the Browns are just about to get underway, and week two of the Olympics is almost upon us.  It looks to be a decent weather weekend, and at 70 degrees, you won’t be sweating while watching the grass grow.  




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