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Thoughts From Abbott’s Inbox August 13th, 2021

Thoughts From My Inbox

August 13th, 2021

Kitty Poo, Ransoms, and Big Foot

It was another busy week here at Ashton. Lots of face to face meetings with partners, prospects, and clients, and another round of donut deliveries this morning.  If you’re ever in the mood for donuts on a Friday morning, let me know and we’ll swing some by your office- our sales and marketing team loves to get out and help people with their sugar habits!

Something About…



Having Bigfoot show up to your child’s 6th birthday party?  Seems like a completely logical decision…




Ransomware demands have increased by 512% year over year and ransom payments have jumped by 82%.  The first number just means that the criminals are becoming more brazen, and the second means that people still aren’t taking the proper precautions (or that insurance company payouts have yet to be negatively effected). Regardless, the average ransomware pay out for 2021 is $570K. That’s a lot of money, and that doesn’t factor in the remediation, or the costs of new hardware, lost businesses, and bad PR. 



Wiffle Ball

Who didn’t play Wiffle Ball as a kid (or as an adult)?  I think the base paths that were trampled into our front yard when I was a kid might still be there!  While it’s too late to register for this year’s event, the 7th Annual World Series of Wiffle Ball takes place this weekend in Twinsburg.  Not surprisingly, there are plenty of online tutorials available if you want to pitch like the big kids do…




Microsoft Phishing

Microsoft has put out an alert regarding phishing attempts aimed at Microsoft (Office) 365 users. The campaign uses spoofed sender addresses as well as high quality Microsoft logos and a link to a SharePoint site to make the emails look legitimate.  Any time you receive an email asking you to enter your login creds, you should confirm its legitimacy with the original sender.


Capsule Hotels

 I’m not sure why one would choose to stay in a capsule hotel in the first place. Some look like microwave ovens, while others look to be about as comfortable as a coffin.  If you should choose to stay in one, I’d recommend against loud talking or snoring, especially if you share a wall with a hacker.


Stolen Cryptocurrencies


I know absolutely nothing about cryptocurrencies, other than the fact that if you lose your password, you’re screwed.  So, the fact that a hacker stole $600M worth of crypto is over my head. (And in a late update, $260M of the stolen crypto has been returned.)



Real Estate

Looking to buy not one, but two apartments overlooking Central Park?  Here’s your opportunity to buy the 27th floor of a building for $20M. 

Fields of Dreams


In case you missed the “Field of Dreams” game last night, you missed a good one.  A fun game (between two teams I can’t stand) in an amazing setting.  Need to watch the movie again this weekend!


Password Spraying

 I’d never heard the term “password spraying” until this one came through the old inbox.  Many hackers will try endless passwords to get into one account.  But a properly configured network will freeze the account after a few failed attempts.  Password spraying is the act of using one password to get into numerous accounts.  This piece has a list of great reminders when it comes to proper password protocols for your organization.


Kitty Poo


It may not be as good as a membership to the Jelly of the Month Club, but who wouldn’t want to claim membership in the Kitty Poo Club?  This one came my way from the Wooster Chamber of Commerce (Ashton is a member) in their weekly newsletter.  The KP Club is based in Wooster and offers a monthly subscription service for kitty litter in a recyclable cardboard litter box.  Will wonders never cease?




It’s rare that something lacrosse-related shows up in my inbox, so when it does, I have to share it.  This weekend, the Premier Lacrosse League (PLL) will be playing in Albany, NY, and highlighting the sport’s Indigenous heritage and history.  This video offers some great background and history to the game.  And I couldn’t include anything about Iroquois Nation lacrosse without including the Thompsons.


That’s it from beautiful Beachwood, OH.  It must officially be football season, considering the Indians lost 17-0 yesterday (nice of the A’s to settle for a field goal on that last drive), and the Browns have their first preseason game, tomorrow.  What big plans do you have for the weekend? As long as the weather holds out, I’m getting some fishing in tomorrow morning, and some golf on Sunday. There’s probably some yardwork to do, too.  Whatever you end up with, I hope you have a great weekend!





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