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Thoughts From Abbott’s Inbox September 10th, 2021

Thoughts From My Inbox

September 10th, 2021

Red Bandanas, Bloody Fools, and Planes in Tunnels

It’s always nice to have a short week, although it makes putting this newsletter together more difficult as there seems to be less news!  And, we’re playing in the Beachwood Chamber of Commerce golf outing (I say “we” lightly, as I can’t really hold a club at the moment) today, so this was compiled last night.  So, today’s edition of Thoughts From My Inbox is short and sweet.  Enjoy.


Something About…


Red Bandanas

I’m sure I posted this a year ago, but it appeared in my inbox again and it’s always worth sharing.  I think it first caught my eye because Welles Crowther was a lacrosse player.  It’s a great story about one of the many 9/11 heroes.


Calling The Authorities

The FBI has always recommended against paying a ransom in the event of a ransomware incident.  Their feeling (and we agree) is that this just emboldens the hackers and perpetuates the crime.  Now, one ransomware group is threatening to leak your data if you call the authorities OR contact somebody to negotiate on your behalf.




Social Engineering and Job Postings

Ever see an interesting job posting on LinkedIn?  Did you know that whoever posted that job opening didn’t need to verify that they’re really with the company that they claim to be?  Hackers have figured this out and are using LinkedIn job postings to get people to give up their personal info and access to their networks. 





Former Employees

 In a perfect world, our clients would always let us know BEFORE they terminated an employee.  That way, we could take all the proper precautions to prevent the soon to be former employee from causing damage to networks and data. Sometimes that’s just not possible.  And sometimes, those former employees are looking to cause as many problems as they can.



Planes Through Tunnels

I swear I’ve seen this in a movie before… but an Italian daredevil just flew a racing plane through a Turkish tunnel.


Ransomware Remediations

As we’ve discussed in the past, insurance carriers are making it more and more difficult on their customers to procure cyber liability coverage, and to get the full value out of that coverage. While there are plenty of preparations to take to help avoid ransomware in the first place, this piece discusses what to do after you’ve been hit (many people just assume that you will get hit, sooner or later- we don’t think it’s that black and white).  Trust us- it’s easier to take the precautions in advance. Secure your network and insure your business, and if something bad does happen, it’ll be much easier to deal with.

Bloody Fools

My reader submission for the week (thanks, Jen B. – I will deliver some Ashton swag to your doorstep) is proof that one species of Australian duck can sound like a human.  But only if it’s been raised by a human.  And the recording is from 1987, but just now making the news.  It’s a slow news week.



So, you’ve been hit by ransomware and decided (against the FBI’s advice) to pay the ransom.  Now you need somebody to negotiate for you (we’ve seen first hand how well it works when somebody tries to do it for themselves).  What do things look like from the negotiator’s perspective?  It would seem that the end users (those demanding the ransom) won’t be curing cancer, any time soon.

Managed IT Services Providers

If you currently outsource some (or all) of your IT to a managed services provider (MSPs) or technology partner, or are considering doing so, there are some things you need to consider when it comes to your risk. MSPs are under attack because hackers know that one MSP breach equals access to tens or hundreds of their clients.  If the MSP isn’t doing the right thing on their own network, how can they guarantee they’re doing the right thing on your network?

Pizza and Beers On Us


If you’re on this distribution list, you’re invited to join us for the next Ashton Happy Hour at Masthead Brewery on Wednesday, September 15th. We’ll be there by 5P and are planning to stay until at least 7P ( we didn’t leave the last one until 8P).  Please RSVP so we’ll know you’re coming!

If your American flag isn’t already out, put it out tomorrow to remember Welles Crowther and the rest of those lost 20 years ago. I hope you have a great weekend. 

Have a great Labor Day weekend







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