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Thoughts From Abbott’s Inbox October 29th, 2021

Thoughts From My Inbox

October 29th, 2021

F1, Toilets, and TrickBot

I hope you have your costumes and candy ready, and your jack o’lanterns carved. Halloween is on Sunday, unless you live on our street where they decided to move it to Saturday so that the parents could better enjoy the night – because it’s all about the parents, right? Sunday also happens to be Browns vs. Steelers part 1. Last weekend, I sat through nine overtimes between Illinois and Penn State, so I’m happy that the NFL will only play one OT.  Especially considering the miserable whether it looks like we’re going to have this weekend!  At least you’ll have this to read while you’re sitting in front of the fireplace…


Something About…


Security Breach Costs

According to the 2021 Business Aftermath Report, 58% of U.S. small businesses (those with <500 employees) have suffered a security or data breach. 60% of those surveyed said that the cost of the breach was between $250K-$1M, and 36% of those said it put their business into debt. On top of that, 42% of respondents said it took 1-2 years to “get back to normal” and another 28% said it took them 3-5 years to return to normalcy.  All the more reason to educate your employees and take all of the proper security measures.



Always make sure your passport is up to date (I just renewed mine a few weeks back, and now have to wait 14 weeks for the new one to arrive). A Russian developer was recently extradited to Cleveland to face charges for his work on the TrickBot malware, used to take millions of dollars from numerous organizations around the world, including a few local school districts. He had travelled to South Korea but got stuck there when Covid lockdowns hit.  By the time he was allowed to leave, his passport had expired.  And that’s when he got arrested. 





Real Estate

Talk about ‘buyer’s remorse’… a couple in Sydney, Australia, recently got cold feet after spending $2.55M (AUS) on a townhome. Nine weeks later, they sold it for $3.15M, even though they hadn’t put a dime into the place.  That’s a nice ROI!






Last week, we had part one in a two part series on the history of bathrooms.  For those of you sitting on the edge of your (toilet) seats, we now have part two, covering the 20th and 21st centuries.  This covers everything from the move away from claw foot tubs to pastel toilets and the fact that  November 19th is now World Toilet Day (glad that happened after my dad passed away, as he wouldn’t have been thrilled to share his birthday with a bunch of toilets).  And, for those longtime readers of Thoughts From My Inbox, you may be reminded of the overly smart toilet that was mentioned sometime back.


F1 and The Cloud

Way back in the day, my dad raced Porsches and Mercedes as part of SCCA (Sports Car Club of America).  In some cases, my mom (hi mom) was his navigator.  There are still trophies and ribbons kicking around the house and garage from those days, well before I was born.  As a little kid, my dad bought a 1960 Alfa Romeo (in 1973) and rebuilt it from the ground up.  So while not a huge racing fan, I pay a little attention in general, and Alfa Romeo always perks my ears up.

Saw a piece earlier this week about the continuing rise in popularity of Formula One in the US (due in part to the Neflix series Drive to Survive, which is a pretty good show).  Then I got an email about Alfa Racing’s ‘Official Cloud Supplier’. While I never considered it before, I’m sure that every race team uses the cloud, and this is gives a little more detail about Alfa’s usage.  


Security Updates

Adobe, Google, and Apple have both released various security updates for multiple products.  It’s always good to look into these and determine how you might be effected, and how to handle them.


Cyber Events

98% of US-based organizations experienced at least one cyber event in the past year.  That number seems really high if you ask me (nobody did), but it comes from Deloitte’s ‘Future of Cyber Survey‘, which covered 577 executives (only 159 in The U.S.).  It’s been a while since I’ve taken statistics (and I didn’t like it when I did take it), but I guess that 577 may be statistically significant. In any case, it’s a larger sample size than the Business Aftermath Report mentioned above.

Regardless of the sample size, it’s interesting to see that US execs were most concerned about “unintended actions of well-meaning employees”.  This outpaced ransomware, phishing, and threats from third parties and nation states, and it makes sense as employees are a company’s first line of defense.  Thus the importance of security awareness training.



Point of Sale

The Jacksonville, FL warehouse of Chinese technology provider PAX was raider earlier this week.  It seems that the FBI and MI5 are looking into concerns that PAX’s point of sale devices are being used in cyberattacks against various American and European organizations. 



Ghost Tourism
Since Sunday is Halloween, I figured this article about ghost tourism, highlighting the former Ohio State Reformatory in Mansfield (pictured above), would make for a worthy addition to this week’s newsletter. If you’re a fan of Shawshank Redemption and haven’t been to the Reformatory, it’s a must see.  We took the tour seven or eight years back and got to see plenty of sets from Stephen King’s movie as well as other areas of the now closed prison. They even put 14 of us in one of the solitary confinement cells and shut the door to mirror the overcrowding the prison dealt with. Glad that time in a haunted, pitch black cell with 13 others didn’t last too long!



That’s it from chilly, gray, and drizzly Beachwood, OH.  Crummy weather but at least we’re getting some fall colors in the trees. I hope you enjoy your weekend, and make sure not to take candy from any strangers!


Go Bucks!


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