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Thoughts From Abbott’s Inbox November 12th, 2021

Thoughts From My Inbox

November 12th, 2021

Castles, Chess, and Government Contractors

I’m writing this from gray and drizzly Orlando, Florida. We (our service manager Laura Fisher, President Jim Millican, and I) are here for the annual Connectwise IT Nation Connect event. It’s nice to be back and doing these things in person, and this one is always a great opportunity to see old friends from the industry, pick up lots of free swag from the vendors (most of what they’re selling is aimed at the people on the smart side of our office), and hear what’s new in our business. They always put on a couple of cool events at night, too, and last night we had Harry Potter World at Universal Studios to ourselves (rumor has it there are 2,700 people at the event).

I haven’t been to Disney since I was three, and never had any desire to go back. But if you’re a Happy Potter fan, this place is amazing. The scenery is incredible, the rides are outstanding, and there were no lines. None.   That meant getting off a ride, and getting right back on.  Maybe a little too quickly, if you ask a few members of our group of five.  Happy to say that I was the only one still going strong at the end of the evening!


Something About…


Government Contractors

If you’re a government contractor (I think there are a few who read this), you’re now going to be held accountable by the Department of Justice, if you’re found to not be taking all of the proper cybersecurity precautions.


The Bucket List Family
I subscribe to a newsletter put out by Joe Pulizzi, a Clevelander who created Content Marketing World, an international event which takes place here in town, every year.  Pulizzi’s new gig is called The Tilt, and I came across an interesting piece about a family who sold all their possessions so they could travel the world with their three little kids.  Now they get paid almost $21,000 for Instagram post they create, and they have millions of followers on various social media platforms.



Ohio License Plates

Did you hear the news that Ohio is coming out with new license plates?  Nothing is ever easy though, and they stamped 35,000 of the new plates with a backwards graphic.  At least the prisoners will have a little more to keep themselves busy.  




Ransomware Costs
One of the most common topics amongst the breakout sessions at the conference this week is the cost of ransomware to businesses. According to a new Mimecast survey, the average ransom paid by U.S. businesses was $6.3M, and 80% of businesses had faced some sort of ransomware attack. 83% of execs are confident that they could get their data back without having to pay a ransom and 77% think they can get their business back up and running within five days of a ransomware attack.  It’s no wonder that insurance carriers are putting more onus on businesses, especially when the businesses still don’t understand the risk.



I’ve never surfed but always thought it looked pretty cool. I even had something here a few months back about an artificial wave pool in the desert.  Anyway, there’s a new (I think) HBO documentary about big wave surfers and the idea of surfing a 100′ wave.  Wow.



If you can help the U.S. government find any leaders of the REvil ransomware gang, you might be in line for a $10M reward.  It seems that we’re having some luck in tracking down some of the bad guys, but what’s the likelihood they’ll be extradited to face any of the charges?


Real Estate

In the market for a $35M castle? Well, you can thank me for saving you the trouble of finding one.




Would you pull your 12 year old out of school so he could become a chess grandmaster?  I didn’t think so. But there’s a family who did, and then spent 77 days in Budapest for the child to earn enough points to get to the grandmaster level.  (Note- when I first read this article a few days ago, it was not behind a paywall.  Now it is.  Maybe I got lucky, or maybe it’s user error.  My luck is terrible, so I’ll try the latter.)




Our friends and cybersecurity partners at Sophos have recently released their 2022 Threat Report, which provides a great technical breakdown of new and continuing threats and how they work. 



That’s all for me today.  Taking a break from breakout sessions to get this newsletter sent out and grab lunch with a peer from Portland, OR.  Then back for more learning.  This afternoon’s agenda includes StoryBrand websites, hackers using social media, and making outbound sales calls. Good mix of my three favorite things; sales, marketing, and security!  Looks like we’re coming home to some winter weather, albeit not cold enough to properly snow.  Who wants 38 degrees and slush when we can have the white stuff?!? 


Go Bucks!



P.S.- I had to include a link to Connor McDavid’s incredible goal from earlier this week. Edmonton has always been my favorite team, and they’re off to a big start.  If you haven’t already seen this one, enjoy. 

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