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Thoughts From Abbott’s Inbox December 3rd, 2021

Thoughts From My Inbox

December 3rd, 2021

Hockey Tickets, Fake Fingerprints, and Juicers

Wow.  Running really late today and I apologize.  Had lunch with somebody I haven’t seen in close to two years (there are still a few of them out there) and it took a long time to get even semi-caught up. Looking forward to doing more of this kind of thing as the holidays approach.


Speaking of the holidays, yesterday was the annual pickup of Ashton’s Toys for Tots donation.  I won’t give away all of the specifics (you’ll see a letter from Jim Millican in our December newsletter, coming out on Tuesday), but it’s always great to help a couple of U.S. Marines load a truck with Christmas presents for needy kids. 


Something About…



Ever been stuck trying to break in somewhere that had a fingerprint scanner?  Well now it seems that you can use a good camera and some glue to duplicate legit users’ fingerprints and help yourself right on into their office.  


Hockey Tickets

Having a few people here in the office with an interest in hockey (especially the guy upstairs who pays all the bills), it only makes sense that we have season tickets for the Cleveland Monsters.  They have a home game tomorrow night (Saturday, December 4th) at 7P vs. the Milwaukee Admirals, and we’re not able to use the tickets.

So, the first interested person to respond to this newsletter (send me an email) will get four tickets and a parking pass to the game.




Tardigrade is a new malware that, according to this article, is inconspicuous, adaptable, and resilient.  At the moment it seems to be targeting biomanufaturing companies and this caught my eye because we work with a few in that vertical.  Nobody is sure yet as to what the exact goal of this malware is, however.



Ryan Shazier

Any regular readers have probably figured out by now that I’m a huge Ohio State fan and a Browns fan as well (although they don’t usually give me much to be excited about).  So, when Ryan Shazier was drafted by the Steelers out of Ohio State a few years back, I was rather conflicted.  Same went with Cam Heyward and any other Buckeyes turned Steelers.  Root for the player and not the team?  I guess.  But that’s still a tough one.  Anyway, Shazier was paralyzed during a game a few years back, and this excerpt from his new book was really pretty interesting.  



An article from The Telegraph regarding shipbreaking appeared in my inbox earlier this week.  Unfortunately, said article was behind a paywall, so I had to find another couple of pieces (one article, one video) about the process of scrapping cruise ships. Evidently, this has become big business due to the miserable past 18 months for the cruise ship industry.



We’ve recently gotten into watching Yellowstone (great show, if you’re looking for something new), and I realized that ‘branding’ has a few different meanings. So no, this piece isn’t about putting your mark on your pet steer.  I actually borrowed this one from a newsletter put out by my friend Chris Ernst (aka ‘The Entrepreneurial General Counsel’).  I’m sure you’ve seen the fact that Facebook’s parent company has rebranded themselves, but it seems that they may not have done their due diligence on a name and a logo.


And since Chris’ piece mentions the Chevy Nova, I wonder if those of you old enough to remember the sub-compact Yugo of the 1980’s knew that they had a short lived limousine model.  It was called the Wego.

Real Estate

It’s been a while since I had an interesting real estate listing to include, so I actually went out and did a little digging.  Julia Childs’ former house in D.C. is on the market.   



This one came to me in a marketing newsletter to which I subscribe and offers tips on using TikTok to market products.  I convinced (very briefly) our former marketing associate to create an Ashton TikTok and add a few videos. She did, and some people actually watched them.  But then she convinced me that TikTok wasn’t the place for Ashton. So, while I didn’t view this as a marketing opportunity (you might, however), the topic of juicers had me curious enough to watch the brief video. I guess it worked! 



Cybercrime Webinars

This looks like it could be an interesting webinar; KnowBe4 will be talking about hackers attacking people from trusted resources like Microsoft Teams and your office printer.  It takes place on Wednesday Dec. 8th at 2P EST. 



Well, I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving and the long weekend that went with it!  There’s no football for me this weekend since the Buckeyes tanked last week and the Browns are off (although they tanked last weekend, too).  That means I have two full days to get a Christmas tree and start decorating.  And while I don’t go all out like Clark Griswold, we do have a nice hole in the garage ceiling from the day I stepped off the joist in the attic and came right through. 






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