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Thoughts From Abbott’s Inbox December 31st, 2021

Thoughts From My Inbox

December 31st, 2021

Real Estate, Sports, and Food

Every other newsletter and website seems to have a ‘year in review’ edition, so I figured I should too.  Some highlight trends, others focus on the ‘best’ and ‘worst’ of, and some just provide rankings of various things. I figured I’d share the most clicked links from 2021’s “Thoughts From My Inbox”.  Then I realized that since we didn’t switch to this cool new marketing tool until mid-June of this year, I could only provide the most clicked links of the second half of 2021.  


Somewhat surprisingly, considering that Ashton is a technology company, only 1/3rd of the most popular items in my inbox (as clicked on by you, the readers) had to do with technology.  The rest were either sports, real estate, or food.  I guess we can see where your (and my) interests lie.


Something About…


Real Estate

I can’t remember which bizarre real estate listing was first, but readers started filling my inbox with more. They ranged from Australia to Vancouver and everywhere in between, and it quickly became evident that oddities and high-priced mansions were all popular. The three biggest hits were a $26M option in NYC, a Boston parking space, and an almost $1M fire-ravaged ‘house’ in San Francisco



I have to include some technology articles, especially considering the word ‘technology’ is in our name (more to come on that in the near future). A lot of it was ransomware and cyber security (and those who don’t think they’re at risk), as those were two of the biggest topics of the year (you can probably find some tech publication ranking the top ten trends for 2021), and some of the most common topics we dealt with. We also saw a lot of people working from home or at other public places outside the office.  Finally,  a lot of you were curious to know how to confirm that your technology partners were doing a good job.




Everybody likes food, so why wouldn’t you click on these articles?  There was the pizza app company looking to pay people to travel and eat pizza, which sounds like  a perfect job.  And if you made enough money doing that, you might be able to afford the $200 french fries at an NYC bistro.  And finally, one of the most popular articles of the entire year was a list of the top 31 restaurants in Cleveland (they’re ordered geographically from west to east, so Eastsiders, don’t be offended).  By my count, I’ve only been to 10 of them.  Guess I have something to shoot for in 2022.




I could easily add a lot more sports-related topics on a regular basis, but I might bore some of you.  That said, I was happy that two of my favorites happened to make this list;  I honestly don’t recall why Herb Brooks’ speech from “Miracle” appeared in a July edition, considering that (as we all know) the Miracle on Ice took place on February 22nd.  Maybe the thought of ice in July was a good way for people to cool off.   The other big hit of the year was the Man in the Red Bandana, about a lacrosse player turned hero on 9/11.  And since I don’t have a ‘media’ section, I’m going to include the two Ted Lasso posts here, because he’s a soccer coach.  One had to do with the marketing of the show, and the other was a list of his top quotes from seasons one and two of the show.  


Maximizing Security

SAVE THE DATE! On Wednesday January 19th, two of our engineers will be joined by a Sophos security executive for a panel discussion moderated by David Myers, head of the Data Privacy and Cybersecurity practice at Buckingham, Doolittle, and Burroughs. 


Creating a reasonable plan for the data privacy and cybersecurity of your business doesn’t have to be painful. The approach should prioritize high impact activities that are affordable and are non-disruptive to workflow.


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There was one more article in the top 15 most popular that really didn’t fit into any of the four headings.  This is the one about the parents who hired somebody to dress up as Bigfoot for their daughter’s sixth birthday.  You can imagine how well that went over…


That’s all for 2021.  Thanks for reading, sharing, and submitting your Thoughts.  I hope you’re back here for more in 2022, and in the meantime, I hope you have a very happy New Year!




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