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Thoughts From Abbott’s Inbox January 7th, 2022

Thoughts From My Inbox

January 7th, 2022

Eyelids, Port-a-Potties, and Football Fans

What a great Friday! The snow is falling, it looks like a snow globe outside, the Browns are almost done for the season, and my inbox has been overflowing all week. It almost seems like the hackers have taken an extended winter break; aside from one piece about Omicron variant ransomware, there’s been very little of interest coming across regarding technology.  I found a few interesting items (there always seems to be something about those silly NFT things), there’s real estate, sports, ex-boyfriends, toilets, and more!  Sorry there’s so much – They were just too good not to share. And I’ve already started next week’s edition. 


Something About…


Cleveland Restaurants
Many of you were kind enough to tell me last week that the link I included to the top 31 Cleveland restaurants was wrong (it was actually just a test to see if anybody was reading). I actually posted a link to the NYC restaurant with $200 French fries. Sorry about that.  I hope I didn’t ruin your New Year’s weekend plans by not providing you with a list of local eateries worth your time! I’ve been to ten of them. If you find one that looks to be of interest, and think that Ashton might be able to help your business, let’s get lunch. I’ll buy.


Real Estate
It’s been awhile since there’s been any interesting real estate in my inbox, so I was happy to see this one in Natchez, MS. I’ve seen lots of kitchens with double ovens, but not double ranges for the purpose of getting two ovens!  If double ovens aren’t of interest, how ’bout the largest home in Canada, at 65,000 SF?  Better yet, it’s abandoned.



Football or Lax
I came across an interesting one a few weeks back about a D1 All American lacrosse player who won a national championship as well as lacrosse’s version of the Heisman Trophy.  After finishing his lax eligibility, he decided to go play college football (DII) where he just won another national championship as a quarterback. Now he may get to decide whether to play professional lacrosse or football.



Car Soccer

I’ve never been a big fan of soccer, but when you start playing it in cars, it really changes the game.  And the guy in the minivan is pretty good!

Trends for 2022

I did my ‘year in review’ last week.  There always seem to be plenty of those or trends for the new year.  Here’s a website that compiled many of those lists into one place.   Trends include global marketing, emerging technologies, consumer goods, Ford Motor Company, and customer experience.  


Regular readers will remember the overly ‘smart’ toilet I highlighted a year or so back, and newer readers might remember the history of bathrooms (parts I and II) that I shared in late 2021 (scroll down). I laughed out loud at least three times when reading this new piece about port-a-potties and their importance in the sports world. There’s even a quote from a (self-professed?) bathroom expert.  Fun fact- port-a-potties only hold about 10 gallons…  I would’ve expected a much larger capacity.

Free Gifts
Everybody likes free gifts, right?  Well as seems to normally be the case any more, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. Researchers have found a phishing network that is earning up to $80M/month by scamming people with offers of free prizes, just for filling out a survey.  Feel free to read the article.  Or, just remember that unless it’s a trusted (and verified) source, you shouldn’t be providing your personal information for anything.
Did you hear the one about the guy who lifted his ex-girlfriend’s eyelid while she slept, and then transferred $23K from her bank account?  This was after using her finger to unlock her phone, also while she slept.
Bored Apes
I’m still amazed that a computer generated image of a bored ape would sell for even $3,000. But this one was valued at $300,000 (and the seller had a bit of an oops), and the images have now earned more than $1B in sales.
Bad Alexa!
I thought about titling this one Darwin (as in “survival of the fittest”), not because of the ‘challenge’ a 10 year old was presented by Alexa, but rather because the “outlet challenge” was actually a thing on TikTok.  It kind of reminds me of the guy in my freshman year dorm (nicknamed “Meathead”) who used to cook hotdogs by sticking one end of a copper wire in the hotdog and the other end in an electrical outlet.  Shockingly, he wasn’t asked back for sophomore year.
Football Fans
A new survey has determined that, behind Detroit Lions fans, Cleveland Browns fans are the most miserable in the NFL. I guess the word ‘miserable’ can be taken in a few ways here, but considering that I’ve been going to Browns games for forty years, I’m going to disagree with this survey; Steelers fans are clearly the most miserable bunch around.  The survey also shows that Patriots fans (their team hasn’t won a Super Bowl in almost three years) are the second saddest and sixth most miserable group in the NFL. Can you blame them? Three years!
We do a fair amount of work involving mergers and acquisitions, especially as it relates to technology due diligence.  Looking to acquire a company, but not sure what you’re getting into in terms of technology, networking, and cyber security?  Ashton will figure it out for you.  A regular reader who knows that Ashton offers this service sent me an article that suggests that ransomware actors may be on the lookout for companies in the midst of being acquired.  The feeling being that transition creates a perfect opportunity for them to sneak in the backdoor, wreak havoc, and get paid big bucks by a private equity firm.
I think those who know me well know that we usually watch Jeopardy while sitting on the couch, eating dinner.  Normally, I do my best to answer as many questions as possible (last night it was 29 out of 60, which is pretty good, according to show’s host), and I take the online test whenever I’m eligible.  One of these days you’re going to see me on tv.  I just need to find an online test that doesn’t include Greek Mythology, Opera, or Physics as categories.  Had an interesting article in my inbox this morning about all the big winning streaks the show has seen this season, how people are preparing, and where the contestants come from.
Maximizing Security

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Well, if you’ve made it through the 15 pieces I shared above, congratulations.  You probably don’t want to read any more.  Thanks for making it this far, and enjoy the snow!





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