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Thoughts From Abbott’s Inbox February 4th, 2022

Thoughts From My Inbox

February 4th, 2022

Mega Yachts, Interview Proxies, and Flamethrowers

We’ve been busy stripping, sanding, and painting our kitchen cabinetry (and walls), and boy, has it been fun.  And while I probably could’ve found an image to go with one of my headlines for this week, I figured I’d share a picture of our big baby Sherman (he’s 10 mos. old).  He decided that he wanted to taste test the paint we’re using, and it seems he liked it enough to go back for seconds…  I wasn’t there when this happened, but based on his glassy-eyed stare, I think he might’ve liked the smell, too. 


Something About…


Social Media Scams
According to the Federal Trade Commission, American consumers were scammed out of $770M last year through various social media platforms.  That is 25% of all reported losses in 2021. The highest dollar value scams were related to investments, while the most commonly reported scams were of the online shopping variety.


Shooting Yourself in the Foot
According to one provider’s recent analysis, 80% of ransomware infections last year were due to a user opening a .zip file and downloading malicious software onto their machine/network. They also found that 50% of incidents were of the Business Email Compromise (BEC) variety and that 90% of those were aimed at Microsoft 365.  Those last two are precisely why we insist on multi-factor authentication for all email accounts that we manage.



Olympic Cyber Crime

A new FBI alert aimed at athletes, travelers, and businesses involved in the upcoming Beijing Olympic games notes that there were over 450 million cyber crime attempts during the 2020 (2021) Tokyo games. While there are no specific threats known to the agency, it’s safe to say that hackers, both independent and state-sponsored, will be doing their best to steal as much data as possible.



Digging Out

Just a subtle reminder for those of you digging out of the snow… don’t use a flamethrower to aid your progress.  



Fake Job Candidatees

One of my readers sent me an article about fake job candidates- people who act as proxies during the remote interview process.  It was a terribly written and poorly conceived piece, but fortunately there were links to other items on the same topic. This one is 16 months old, but it seems as though this is still an issue, especially in the IT world.

Microsoft Teams
Ever been frustrated by the fact that you can’t use Teams to communicate with others outside of your organization?  Well that’s changing, regardless of whether you’re using a commercial or personal Teams account.


Multifactor Authentication
It’s a known fact that multifactor authentication has historically stopped around 98% of email account compromise attacks.  And we also now that email accounts are where the vast majority of compromises occur.  That’s why we’re so insistent on MFA’s implementation and usage.  Duo Security (one of the MFA solutions we provide) even claims that 79% of US and UK users use some sort of MFA. Now, though, comes news that hackers have come up with new ways to get around MFA.  No surprise, though, as they have proven to be pretty quick to find new methods with which to steal our data.
Do you remember the first password you ever used for an online account?  I do.  And sadly (probably not surprisingly), this bit nailed the evolution of that password.  To.  A.   T.
Data Exfiltration

29% of employees admitted to taking data from their employer when they left for another job, and 45% of IT leaders have noted an increase in data exfiltration in the past year, whether maliciously or otherwise.  A couple of ways to reduce the likelihood of data loss is through data loss prevention (DLP) tactics, which can be implemented through endpoint security solutions, and also by notifying your IT provider BEFORE you tell somebody you’re going to fire them.

Big Boats

This article about Jeff Bezos’ new boat originally came to me in the form of a New York Times article.  It’s behind a paywall, and even though I could create a free login, I can’t stand the NYT.  I also can’t stand Bezos or Amazon (I can feel the eye rolls from down the hall here at Ashton), but I do have an interest in boats, so I found an article elsewhere.  A portion of an historic bridge in Rotterdam will have to be removed so that Bezos’ new yacht can be put to sea. Sounds like somebody painted themselves into a corner.



Well, there’s no NFL this weekend, so we can all dedicate our sports tv time to watching the Olympics.  I’m looking forward to Mikaela Shiffrin on skis, Chloe Kim and Shaun White on their snowboards, the US hockey teams, and maybe even some skeleton (which reminds me of Flexible Flyer rides down icy driveways as a kid, stacked four high).


I hope you’re enjoying the snow and cold as much as I am!  These past three weeks (aside from a few 40 degree days this week) have been awesome!





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