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Thoughts From Abbott’s Inbox April 22nd, 2022

Thoughts From My Inbox

April 22nd, 2022

Hacker Squirrels, LinkedIn Phishing, and Lots of Wallpaper

We’re now a week past the Indians home opener, which means that we probably have another two or three weeks with a possibility of snow.  And while I was surprised the other day when my wife told me a co-worker flipped his car in an inch of snow on Monday, I guess I shouldn’t have been.  After at, it is Cleveland, and it had been two weeks since our last snow.  Supposed to be nice this weekend.  Hope you don’t have too much yard work to do!


Something About…


More Eggs
Don’t worry, this isn’t an Easter related post.  The more_eggs malware is now being delivered to corporate hiring managers via fake resumes.  So, hiring manager gets a resume from somebody “looking for a job”.  Hiring manager opens the resume and the malware is deployed.  If you have a good endpoint security solution in place (Sophos) you’ll be ok.  Otherwise, if you’re reviewing resumes, you might want to be careful.And to that end, we’re still hiring.  We have one new engineer ready to come on board in a few weeks, but are suddenly looking for even more new talent.  If you know of somebody with aptitude or the right attitude, please send them my way.


Squirrel Hackers
It seems that every week or two, I share a post warning people about Russian hackers and the increased likelihood of attacks against our critical infrastructure during the ongoing war in Ukraine.  While the Russians were pushed out of Kyiv, it seems the squirrels they’ve sent in to disrupt said critical infrastructure are seeing better success rates.  



Remember when ESPN was still relatively new?  They used to air any sport they could find, and had a lot fewer political agendas.  Hurling (I’d say it’s a cross between lacrosse, baseball, soccer, and rugby) was one of those random sports. While it’s played in many areas of the world, it’s biggest in Ireland. Last weekend, the Irish Senior Nationals were played (as they have been, since 1887), and the highlights just happen to have made it to my inbox.   I wonder if the goalkeeper ever makes a save?

Phish Testing
We’re big fans of security awareness training, including phish testing (to determine which employees are more apt to click when they shouldn’t).  But, is telling your workforce that they might qualify for $7,500 crossing a line?


Real Estate
For $1.2M you can buy this nice house in Brooklyn, NY.  And for another $250K, you can have the wallpaper removed.  Across the East River, and for an additional $23M, you can have your own tastefully decorated and designed seven story townhome.
Security Updates
It seems there are weekly updates for Google’s Chrome browser.
The Browns Tanking

It’s funny to see former Browns coach Hue Jackson claim that the Browns are covering up the fact that they wanted him to ‘tank’ and lose as many games as possible. Any Browns fan knows that the team was pretty upfront with their tanking, what with hiring Hue as the coach in the first place, keeping him on as long as they did, and drafting the way they did.  Do we really need an investigation to prove that the Browns tried to lose as much as possible?

LinkedIn Phishing
52% of phishing attempts in Q1 came in the form of LinkedIn connection requests.  LinkedIn is by far the most commonly spoofed brand used in phishing attempts, far outpacing DHL which made up 14% of attempts.  So, when “I” send you a request to connect, you better make sure it’s really coming from me!


Cyber Attack Likelihood
80% of respondents to a recent survey said their business was hit by at least one cyberattack last year, and more than 75% feel that it’ll happen again this year.  So, look around the room and figure that eight out of my ten readers were hit last year, or think they’ll be hit this year.  Are you taking all the proper measures to be one of those two people that aren’t hit?
If you’re ever looking for an amazing caterer, you need to check out Chris Kafscak and Nomad Culinary.  They do all of our events as well as bringing in a monthly birthday lunch for the Ashton team.  Chris was onsite yesterday and telling me about his recent trip to Europe and all the amazing food they had.  He also mentioned his new favorite distillery; Mermaid, which is on the coast of England.  Not sure if we can find their products in the States (I need to research), but he mentioned a sea salt vodka and a seaweed infused gin.  I’d love to hear from anybody who’s tried either of these, whether from Mermaid or otherwise.


Have a great weekend,



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