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Thoughts From Abbott’s Inbox May 27th, 2022

Thoughts From My Inbox

May 27th, 2022

80’s Advertising, Good Deeds, and iPhone Fixers

If you’re still in the office at this point, you should probably start considering beginning your long weekend a few hours early. That’s my plan.  Keeping it short and sweet this week, if for no other reason than the fact that there wasn’t much interesting news through the inbox this week.  Enjoy the holiday, put your American flag out, and make sure to thank a veteran. 


Something About…


Cyber Insurance Rates

It seems that cyber liability written premiums (total premiums collected by insurers) increased by 92% in 2021, while loss ratios (loss as a percentage of premium earned) decreased slightly.  The WSJ article claims that it’s due mainly to increased rates for coverage, but I would question whether it might also have something to do with more people (businesses) having to acquire coverage for the first time.   At the same time, no reason is given to why loss ratios decreased, but it’s safe to assume that losses decreased because carriers are adding more policy exclusions while reducing coverage limits.


On a side note, I received reference to the WSJ twice in my inbox- the other article was titled “Your Cyber Insurance Went Up 92% last year”.  It’s funny how somebody can take some data and make a headline up that really doesn’t match the data, in hopes that you’ll click on the article.  One of the reasons I usually try to find two sources for anything I read in the news any more…


80’s Advertising

“Ironically… the clients who lived through (the 80s) are the ones who are often most resistant to bringing it back.”  I’d have to agree with that, even though the same RayBans and Bean Boots I wore in 1987 are back to being very popular.  Vacation is a sunscreen product that has seen 500% year over year growth and a lot of that is due to their 80’s themed advertising and marketing.  I will say that it’s a pretty good campaign, but I have no interest in seeing the 80’s come back to popularity!


Fixing Your iPhone
A few weeks back, I had a piece mentioning that Apple would now allow its users to fix their own iPhones.  The program has rolled out to less than stellar reviews.  Part of that stems from the 79 lb. (no, I didn’t miss a decimal or add a digit- it’s seventy nine pounds) repair kit that is delivered to your doorstep.  Doesn’t look like many will take Apple up on their offer.
The Best Videos of The Week
Two world records have recently been verified, and of course they’re both caught on video.  The first is the guy who surfed the biggest wave ever (86 feet, as measured using the length of his lower leg from heel to knee cap), and the second is the guy who crossed a 1.4 mile highwire (does it really count when he’s roped into it with a safety harness?).
Good Deed Ransomware?

There’s a new ransomware, seemingly based in India, which requires its victims to do three good deeds.  Once those good deeds (help the homeless, help the hungry, help the sick) have been completed and documented on social media, the ransomware decryption keys will be provided.

Hockey and Security
A friend of mine in Vancouver (who happens to work for our security partner, Sophos) sent me this video.  She knows I’m a hockey fan, and knows we’re big Sophos fans, so it made perfect sense.  We use the same solutions mentioned in the video to protect our client base.  And since we’re on the topic of hockey, did you catch any of the Oilers/Flames “Battle of Alberta” series that ended last night?  Awesome hockey and my favorite team won.   
Any big plans for the weekend?  Pretty quiet, here.  8yds of mulch to spread over the next three days, and lots of college lacrosse on tv as it’s their final four.



Have a great weekend,



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