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Thoughts From Abbott’s Inbox July 22nd, 2022

Thoughts From My Inbox

July 22nd, 2022

Best Restaurants, Einstein’s Riddle, and Influencer Insurance

As I sit here compiling this week’s edition, I realize I’m having trouble focusing. It would honestly be rather nice if both my email and Teams messaging would stop working for an hour or so.  Add to that the fact that we’re headed out on vacation a week from today, and I’m thinking it’s going to be a long afternoon. 


Lots of interesting stuff came through the inbox this week, so if you’ve ever wanted to see the ratio of people to livestock in a given county, understand why you shouldn’t pay when you get hit by ransomware, or learn all about the superyacht industry, all you have to do is scroll down.


Something About…



Ever wondered how many U.S. counties have more livestock than people? Now you can find out. Curious as to how many readers grew up in one of those counties… show of hands?


Summer Travel Security

Still haven’t left for your summer vacay yet?  Need some tips about using public wifi, logging into kiosk PCs in the airport, or finding spycams in your AirBnB?  Sophos has seven ideas for you.  


Endemic Vulnerabilities

Like other viruses of late, the Log4J bug has now moved to the point where it’s been deemed endemic, meaning that it’ll be around awhile and we just need to deal with it. If you don’t recall, the Log4J issue was spotted back in December, and panic ensued, as it’s a very commonly used piece of software. The WSJ article notes that while a security patch was quickly made available, “updates are frequently ignored by organizations for weeks, months, or even years before being installed.” I can hear our engineers shuttering as I write this (Ashton makes it a habit to patch early and often).

Fake Faces

The cartoon above was referenced twice this week in my inbox, in two completely unrelated posts. I’d never seen it before, had trouble believing that it was from 1993, and figured that if it was referenced twice, I should share it.  In this case, it’s an article about computer generated photographs that are being used in espionage and forgery.  Play the game by clicking the link at the top left of the article and see how well you do.

Paying Ransoms

The FBI has always argued against paying ransoms in the event that you’re hit by ransomware.  Their feeling was that payment only perpetuated the crime.  Now, more and more people who pay the ransom receive less and less of their data in return.  And the recovery process isn’t any less expensive when you pay the ransom.  Your best bet is to take the proper precautions in advance.  This gives you the best opportunity of avoiding ransomware in the first place, and also provides an affirmative defense, should you suffer a data breach.

Super Yachts

Warning; this article about superyachts is about as long as the yachts highlighted therein.  Make sure to freshen your Friday afternoon cocktail before starting on this piece from The New Yorker that will give you all you ever needed to know about the industry, the history, the people that own (and build) them and the market (which is currently booming).  There’s even mention of one of my favorite tv shows, Below Deck.


All the talk of yachts in Palm Beach reminds of the time we spent a long weekend there on a friend’s yacht when we were in town for a wedding.  At 95′, we were the smallest boat in the marina (and based on the article, just less than a superyacht), but did get to watch the Israeli Mossad double-time it down the dock (Uzis in hand) with bottled water and pretzels for former Israeli PM Shimon Peres, in town for a fundraiser and staying on a slightly larger vessel.

Pig Butchering

I was afraid to click on this when Travis Grundke (our EVP) sent it to me with nothing more than the term “pig butchering” in the subject line.  But don’t worry, it doesn’t have anything to do with the livestock map mentioned above. Turns out it’s a scam where the hackers use information pulled from social dating sites to get people to hand over their crypto investments.  The terms comes from “fattening the pig for butchering”.

Influencer Insurance
If you were an ‘influencer’, would you buy insurance against the risk of being hacked?  Now you can get coverage for up to $100K in lost income if your social media accounts get hacked.  While I get the idea, I’m confused as to why a brand would pay more to work with an insured influencer.  As I read it, the coverage is for the influencer’s loss of income, rather than the brand’s public relations nightmare.


I wonder if it pays for the people who tweet something stupid/inaccurate and then claim that their account was hacked???

Einstein’s Riddle

Had to set this one aside, as I’d already filled two pages in a notebook trying to figure out who lives where and what they drink.  First person to send me the right answers gets some Ashton swag.

Best Restaurants

Twice this week the newly published list of the world’s 50 best restaurants appeared in my inbox, so I figured I needed to share it with you.  #1 is in the Danish national soccer stadium in Copenhagen, and it’s one of three on the list in that city.  Lima, Peru also boasts three of the top 50, and NYC has the only two American entries.

If you’ve made it this far, it’s probably because you gave up on solving Einstein’s riddle, or chose not to read about superyachts.  I think either of those two items above will take up a fair amount of your time.  If you both solved the riddle and read that entire yacht piece, then consider me impressed!  And if you want more, here’s a piece about a new 107m yacht under construction (the one pictured above), as well as a follow up about the most recent Pike’s Peak Peanut Pusher.


Hope you have a great weekend!



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