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Thoughts From Abbott’s Inbox September 16th, 2022

Thoughts From My Inbox

September 16th, 2022

Brownie, Cliff Diving, and Apples

Well, the Browns are 1-0 thanks in part  to a terrible roughing the passer call, but when they’re 1-16 at the end of the season, nobody will remember that penalty!  And when’s the last time the Browns were undefeated and the Indians were in first place?  Not going to spend any time digging to answer that question (Browns haven’t been 1-0 since 2004) but early 2000s at the best.


A handful of us from the Ashton team spent yesterday shooting sporting clays to help benefit the Lake Erie Council of Boy Scouts of America.  We had eight spots and due to bad timing, could only fill four of them. I communicated with many of you in the days leading up to the event… if you like to shoot clays or play golf, let me know and I’ll add you to my list!


Meantime, scroll down for Brownie the Elf, cliff diving, and another Uber hack. 


Something About…


Another Uber Hack

It was announced yesterday that Uber has been victimized (again) by hackers.  This time, it was through their Slack (internal messaging) channel.  Good to see them quickly acting to disable that (something about the horse already being out of the barn comes to mind). Maybe they should consider training their employees. Now, while the hacker is already in the system, there won’t be an internal messaging system.  Great thinking…


Cliff Diving
As a kid, I can remember ABC’s Wide World of Sports often showing the cliff diving championships from Acapulco, Mexico.  Now Red Bull has taken them over, they go to multiple locations, and not everything is a cliff.


Real Estate

It’s been awhile since I’ve had any real estate in my inbox.  And this comes as perfect timing.  We’re headed to NYC in a few weeks to visit our son, and according to the marketing materials, this property should be “at the top of your list for anyone travelling to NYC this fall.”  At $160K/mo for a duplex, I guess I need to go play the lottery!

Apple Updates

Apple has pushed out updates to iOS 15.7 as well as the new iOS16, which offers some cool new features.  While my phone is updated, I haven’t yet installed 16.  Figured I’d wait a little while and see what bugs appear.  And in addition to iOS updates, they’ve released new software for Mac, iPad, and AppleTV.

Cybersecurity Regulations
We have been getting a lot more phone calls from companies needing to prove cyber compliance for the purpose of getting cyberliability coverage.  Whether large or small, all businesses are going to be required to meet certain guidelines or face losing coverage and also risk losing business.  Our friends at Avalon Cyber Security are hosting a September 30th webinar to better understand the regulations and the importance of good coverage. 
Brownie or Elf?

One of the guys I share my Browns season tickets with (yes, I’m somewhat embarrassed to say that I still write that check every year) sent me an article this week about the Browns “Brownie the Elf” logo.  It’s getting a lot of publicity as the team just announced him as their midfield logo for this season.  Personally, I love the idea and the logo, and while I knew it had been with the team since well before I was born, I never bothered to investigate the history of it.

White House Guidelines

The White House yesterday announced $1B in cyber security funding to be spread out across the country over the next four years.  They also announced new guidelines in terms of software used by the federal government.  It seems that software developers will now be required to state that their software is safe to use.  Because that will make it safe to use?

It should be a fun weekend, what with all of our local teams (and the Buckeyes) playing well, and good weather in the forecast. Not sure if tonight will be spent sitting on the deck or catching a movie, but there’s lots of football in my future tomorrow and Sunday.


I hope you have some plans to spend time outside while it’s still warm and sunny!


Have a great weekend.


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