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Thoughts From Abbott’s Inbox October 13th, 2022

Thoughts From My Inbox

October 13th, 2022

Nutcrackers, Airport Hackers, and Ice Cutters

The Cleveland Monsters season starts tonight, so it’s appropriate that we have a piece on Zambonis. We also have insight on nutcrackers and airport hackers in what’s been a pretty quiet news week. That’s not a bad thing, considering how busy we’ve been around here!  Enjoy the newsletter and the beautiful fall afternoon!


Something About…


Conkering Heroes
No, I did not spell that header incorrectly, and yes, that is the only reference you’ll ever see in this newsletter to “that team up north”.  Sadly, I now have their fight song going through my head and need to turn on Spotify (Interrupters Radio, if you’re curious) to fix it. 

Anyhow, it seems that only in Great Britain would there be a competition to see who can break someone else’s horse chestnut (similar to a buckeye, but not the same tree).  The game of Conkers has been around since the 1800s, and the world championships were contested last weekend for the 55th time (appropriately enough, the first world championships were held in Ashton, Northamptonshire, England.  Maybe we should send a team next year).  Looks like it could be fun, but also seems to have as much scoring as a soccer match.  


Airport Hackers

Russian hacking group Killnet recently attacked the websites of multiple U.S. airports, including ORD, LAX, and ATL.  Now they’ve tasked their Russian brethren with attacking other U.S. critical infrastructure including healthcare facilities, weather reporting stations, marine terminals, and public transportation.  This could create a huge situation, and it’ll be interesting to see how many have taken the time and spent the money necessary to protect their networks. My guess is “not many”.


Email Defenses

Almost 20% of phishing emails have made it past Microsoft’s defensive measures this year, thanks to improved efforts by the hackers.  Their emails are more precise, and in some cases link to “dynamic” websites; when sent at 2AM, the website is legit (allowing the email to avoid detection) but at 8AM when the user clicks a link, the website has changed to a phishing site.  That’s actually kind of a cool idea!  In any case, this just goes to show that having an informed and educated user base (security awareness training), advanced endpoint detection (that looks for actions rather than just defined viruses) and next-gen firewalls (to stop users from going to malicious sites) continue to become more important in protecting your network.

Christmas Shopping
For all you hockey fans out there, the NHL and Zamboni have teamed up to offer a ride-on Zamboni for kids age 3-6.  If it’s anything like a real Zamboni, i’m sure it’ll be a pretty slow ride.   But what little kid doesn’t want to ride on one?  Even our intern Caleb thought it was pretty cool when he got his chance at a Monsters game a few years ago.   My only question, though, is why does a toy for 3-6 year olds need to be Bluetooth connected? 

If you’ve ever wanted a real Zamboni for your backyard rink, there are plenty of versions available online.  Some of these are pretty ingenious.

Ashton Culture
Have to give a shoutout to our friends at North Water Partners, the video production company that we’re using to create video content for our new website.  We’re hoping to get the new site launched soon (we’ve been saying that for awhile) and I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel (although that could be a train coming my way). We’re big on culture in the office, and our clients seem to appreciate that from us, so we wanted to highlight it on the new site. If you’re interested, you can watch one of the videos that will be live as soon as the new site is!  The quality is outstanding, and we’re glad to have a partner like NWP!
The Indians are just getting ready for first pitch as I finish off this week’s edition.  The Buckeyes are off tomorrow, and the Browns will give their Sunday best to see how they can blow another game.  If you have some free time, you can work on your ping pong (“table tennis”, I guess) skills and see if you can match these guys.  Wow!  And if you’re really bored, you can stop by Dante’s Next Door in Tremont tonight for the Cleveland chapter of the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) award banquet.  I’ve been roped into emcee duties by my favorite NKBA board member, and I just hope I don’t make too big an ass of myself!


Have a great weekend.



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