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Thoughts From Abbott’s Inbox November 4th, 2022

Thoughts From My Inbox

November 4th, 2022

Centrifugal Force, Cornhole, and Fancy Yachts

I was all set to take a picture of the grill on which I’m grilling lunch for the Ashton team (chicken breasts and gourmet sausage, as well as a few black bean burgers for our “PuertoVegan”, Francisco), but then I watched the story about Ancient Roman Latrines (see below). And then I found a corresponding image, and I just couldn’t pass it up.  Not sure if it’s because I was so busy this week, or if there’s truly nothing going on in the technology world, but there was NOTHING of worth in my inbox this week.  I suppose I could’ve dug something up about ransomware, passwords, or phishing, but you’ll just have to live with latrines, yachts, and backyard games.


Something About…


Fancy Yachts
Back in January , 2020. our EVP Travis and I attended an industry event in Santa Barbara, CA, which happened to be held at the Ritz (we’ve been waiting for another opportunity to attend, ever since!). It seems that one visit gets one added to the mailing list, as earlier this week we both received an email regarding the Ritz Carlton’s new super yacht experience. If you’re looking for a nice vacay, this looks like a good one!


Centrifugal Force
I’m not a NASCAR fan, but this highlight keeps appearing in my inbox.  Apologies if I’m explaining something obvious, but science and math were never my strong point.  Anyhow, in the video you’ll see the red #1 car driving the last quarter lap of the race with his car on the wall, passing numerous other cars.  Just before the finish line, #1 passes the white #11 to claim the last (fourth) spot in the year end championship race.  Twitter is up in arms about whether this move was legal, but #11 put his car on the wall so he could put the gas pedal to the floor and catch the leaders- and as the incredibly intelligent Twitter mob explained, the driver never would’ve been able to go that fast around a turn without sliding into the wall.  It was actually pretty ingenious.


Mini Golf
Any putt putt golf fans in the room (other than me)?  I love a good mini golf course, and when we head to Orlando next week for the annual IT Nation event, I know we’ll be hitting one up during the downtime.  I wasn’t aware of the fact that, like TopGolf and its driving range/drinking/entertainment options, there’s now a chain of putt putt places that fall under the same heading.  Nothing in Cleveland yet, but I might have to head to Boston to try one out!

Never been a big fan of cornhole, and that’s probably because I’m terrible at it.  We have boards in the garage and put them in the yard on occasion if we’re having a party.  And I’ll play if we’re tailgating and somebody has taken the time to bring the gear, but the game is pretty far down my list of things to do.  Pretty funny to see that there’s now a cheating scandal in the ACL (which in and of itself is a funny name for a league in which no ACLs are required), where players have been accused of using illegal bags.

They iron them, soak them in vinegar, or crush the pellets, just to get a competitive advantage.  And what’s worse?  They consider themselves “athletes”. I hate to break the news, but they’re no more athletes than are the guys who’ve been accused of cheating in chess.

Ancient Roman Latrines

Dedicated readers might know by now that my wife sells stone (granite, marble, etc.) and tile, and is an interior designer by trade.  As such, she likes to send me random articles and videos about the mining of granite or interesting residential/commercial interiors.  There’s also an occasional bathroom fact, story, or investigation.  This week, it’s the history of public latrines in ancient Rome.  Some with as many as 68 ‘seats’, and none with dividers.  Many carved out of marble, and some with ancient Roman graffiti that reminds me of my days at summer camp in Vermont!  Some of them even had a paid attendant- just like the Panini’s on W. 6th St. with some guy handing out cologne and towels.  No “sponges on sticks” or seashells at Panini’s, though. Ugh.

We’re getting closer and closer to launching our new website, and all of the video production is now complete (until we start more). Thought I’d share another one with you, and that’s our EVP/Director of Operations Travis Grundke, talking about the fact that IT is the platform on which your entire business runs.  And how Ashton asks the questions that most others don’t. Lover to hear your thoughts on this one, and you can feel free to check out the entire series on our YouTube channel.


Have a great weekend, and Go Bucks!



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