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Thoughts From Abbott’s Inbox November 18th, 2022

Thoughts From My Inbox

November 18th, 2022

Babe Ruth, Tom Brady, and PayPal Scams

There’s nothing like rolling away $10M in gambling winnings in a wheelbarrow, like Mattress Mack did earlier this week (see below).  Talk about a shrewd businessman! And then there’s the other guy who many felt was a shrewd businessman until his crypto business was found to be a complete fraud.  Beyond that, it was another quiet week in the inbox… I think the random sources I rely on for providing me good information may have started their Thanksgiving breaks a little bit early.  So, for those of you who’ve told me that you like to have a Friday afternoon cocktail while reading my updates, you might have to make it half a cocktail this week!


Something About…


Ball Gloves
A ball glove that Babe Ruth used in the late 20’s and early 30’s just sold at auction for $1.53M.  While it wasn’t Mattress Mack who bought it, I’m sure he could afford it after his $75M win and $74M in mattress sales!


PayPal Scams
I’m not a NASCAR fan, but this highlight keeps appearing in my inbox.  Apologies if I’m explaining something obvious, but science and math were never my strong point.  Anyhow, in the video you’ll see the red #1 car driving the last quarter lap of the race with his car on the wall, passing numerous other cars.  Just before the finish line, #1 passes the white #11 to claim the last (fourth) spot in the year end championship race.  Twitter is up in arms about whether this move was legal, but #11 put his car on the wall so he could put the gas pedal to the floor and catch the leaders- and as the incredibly intelligent Twitter mob explained, the driver never would’ve been able to go that fast around a turn without sliding into the wall.  It was actually pretty ingenious.


FTX Collapse

You’ve probably heard by now about the scam that some 30 year old tech genius pulled off regarding crypto currency. Hopefully, he gets what’s coming to him.  Rather than sharing the news that’s been all over this week, I thought I’d share a few pieces about how this is effecting the sports world. One being naming rights and sponsorships and the second being Tom Brady and Steph Curry having been named in a class action lawsuit.  Honestly, Curry has caused Cleveland enough grief over the years that I don’t feel too badly for him.  But poor Brady… first Giselle, and now this.

Tech Jobs
Interesting to see all the tech jobs that are being cut between Twitter, Facebook, and Amazon. Also interesting to see the uproar created by Twitter job losses, especially in comparison to the lack of concern about Facebook (Meta) and Amazon whacking people.  Guess when Zuckerberg and Bezos do it, it’s ok.  Was shocked to see that Amazon had hired 80,000 people over the last two years, and also amazed that their ‘devices’ division (Alexa) lost $5B last year, alone.  Wow.
As I sit in my office looking out at green grass and a little leftover snow, I’m kind of envious of the people of Western NY who are expecting to get up to five feet of snow this weekend.  Aside from having to be out on the roof to keep it from caving in, that could be a lot of fun.  Too bad they’ve decided to move the Browns/Bills game to Detroit, as I think bad weather was the Browns only chance to slow the Bills down.


Next week is a short one, and I’m not yet sure whether I’ll have my weekly update.  Just depends on what interesting news there is.  If I don’t catch you before Thanksgiving, I hope you and your families have an enjoyable day, and have enough turkey for leftovers.


Have a great weekend, and Go Bucks!



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