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Thoughts From Abbott’s Inbox December 9, 2022

Thoughts from my inbox

December 9th, 2022

I mentioned a few weeks back that Ashton Solutions had been included on this year’s Weatherhead 100 listing of the fastest growing companies in Greater Cleveland. Last night was the awards dinner, and a few of us made it downtown to celebrate and collect our hardware.  Congrats to our entire team (most of whom don’t have the time to read this newsletter), and thanks to all of our clients, a handful of which were also honored last night!


As to this week’s inbox, I have SIM swapping, phishing, gift giving, and a few items sent to me by friends/clients.  Enjoy!

Something about ...


CISA has released a new phishing infographic that you can share with your teams, because we all know that an educated workforce is the first line of defense.  A lot to take in in this two page document, but all very important as you try to defend against all of the phishing attacks that are out there. 

SIM Swapping

There’s a lot of information on a variety of topics in this short article about a hacker who stole $20M of crypto using SIM swapping.  That’s when somebody gets a duplicate SIM card attached to your cell account, thereby giving them access to everything on your phone, as well as any two factor authentication codes sent to you via text.  There are good reminders herein about how you store your crypto (as long as you weren’t with FTX), two factor authentication, password managers, and what to do if you’re a victim of SIM swapping. 

Gift Card Scams

I’ll start out by saying that if a some sort of authority contacts you and claims that you need to pay a fine or a fee using gift cards, just hand up.  It’s hard to believe that somebody would fall for that, but I guess it continues to happen.  In any case, holidays lead to an increase in the number of gift cards purchased, and that always leads to more scams. Whether it’s a payment as mentioned above, card tampering, or phishing using the promise of a gift card to get your personal information, you should question anything having to do with a gift card, especially at this time of year. 

Security Updates

Apple has a new and as yet unexplained security update for iPhone users,  while there’s also another update for the Google Chrome browser

Holiday Shopping

Don’t give gift cards.  They’re open to all kinds of scams (see above), and they’re a total cop out.  If you’re looking for gifts (they’re not ‘last-minute’ yet, as we still have 15 shopping days before Christmas), here are some under $50 tech gifts, and Esquire Magazine’s list of the 74 Best Tech Gifts (regardless of price).  One of those 74 was actually on my list;  an Ashton 1/4 zip pullover to the first person who correctly guesses which item that was.  Hint; it’s food and beverage related. 

I’m already 30 minutes late in getting this out, so keeping it short and sweet.  Thanks to Rich and Ann, two friends who happen to be clients, for sending me pieces worthy of inclusion here in.


 I woke up this morning to a text saying “best Christmas song ever”, and I’ll admit that it’s my favorite as far as ‘non-traditional’ Christmas songs go.  The Dropkick Murphys are one of my all-time favorites, and their Christmas tune “The Season’s Upon Us” is good enough that I won’t even skip if when it comes on in July or August.  The second text was from Ann the dog lover (who knows I’m also a dog lover), and it was an article about the triathlon dog Bear.  She probably didn’t know that our first dog when I got married was named Bear.  Even better!


Have a great weekend.



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