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Thoughts From Abbott’s Inbox January 13th, 2023

Thoughts from my inbox

January 13th, 2023

Sorry for the delay in getting you your favorite email of the week. We’ve been swamped all week (always a good thing when you’re trying to sell something), and this just kept getting pushed further and further back.  Lots of interesting stuff today, including encryption for Gmail, pig slaughtering, some software security updates, and more. I even included a photo that was right up my alley, based on how my Microsoft Word documents usually turn out.  I hope you find a couple of worthwhile tips and ideas!

Something about ...

UK Mail

If you’re waiting on a package from the UK, you might need to give it some extra time.  The Royal Mail has contacted various authorities regarding an “incident” that happened yesterday, and is affecting the ability to send packages overseas.  Maybe they’re on the same 30 year old software that the FAA is using???


I know I have at least one reader who follows the career of American skier Mikaela Shiffrin, and while I thought I’d be posting about her record setting 83rd career victory, she’s stuck sitting on #82 (tied with Lindsey Vonn), which she picked up earlier this week.  Timing is good on this one- saw the orthopedic surgeon this morning, concerned about a possible torn rotator cuff (it’s not).  First time I ever saw him was after I’d blown my knee out skiing; after he  got through the pleasantries about how the only thing worse would’ve been amputation, he asked if I’d had “a Lindsey Vonn-like wipeout.”  And the answer was yes.  Anyway, I’ve felt a connection to Lindsey since then, if not for quality of skiing, then for wipeouts.  

Gmail Security

Ashton President Jim Millican likes to say of Google “where you’re the product”.  Can’t say that I disagree, but that’s neither here nor there.  If you’re a Gmail user (on Google Workspace), you can mark January 20th as the day that their new email encryption solution will be become available.  If you’re just using plain old Gmail as a stand alone, you’ll have to wait a little longer.   Wonder if their encryption solution prevents all their marketing people from seeing what you’re emailing about???

Pig Butchering

This isn’t a recipe (actually, it’s been awhile- maybe I’ll dig something up), and it isn’t really as bad as it sounds.  It’s a takeoff of a Chinese term used by hackers who fatten up their victims before taking them for all they can.  This type of scam often begins with a text or direct message from an unrecognized number.  Unassuming recipient responds, and the person on the other end explains the mistaken number, but then strikes up a conversation.  Talk turns to crypto and how much money the unknown person has made, and suddenly, the unassuming recipient is investing all their money in a scam.  I actually received one of these via text, earlier this week.  I usually like to play along with their games and see how far I can get them before they get steamed and leave.  Didn’t take long this time!

Windows 7

WIndows 7  went end of life on January 14, 2020 (that date will always be burned into my head, as we spent a ton of time working to get clients migrated off of their old Win7 devices), but Microsoft has finally come out with the last paid for security update.  If you’re still running any Windows 7 devices, you need to get rid of them.  Now!  


Saw something about the world paramotor championships, earlier this week.  Clicked through, only to find that the article was from September.  And that it didn’ t have a lot of detail, or any video.  So I had to hit up YouTube to see what this was all about.    

Jet Lag

I’m not usually one to be effected by jet lag.  Could be that I can sleep just about anywhere (I’m often sound asleep before the plane is off the runway), or that I’m good with 5-6 hours of sleep on most nights.  Or maybe it’s that I just don’t fuss on it. If you do get thrown off by time changes, however, you might find interest in this WSJ article that offers tips, as well as five products that might help.  

As I sit looking out on the parking lot next door, watching the snow accumulate, I can only hope that you’re not one of the many Clevelanders who seems to forget how to drive in snow whenever we go two weeks without it.  271 was a parking lot at 10:30 this morning, even though the roads were pretty clear.  I could understand if we lived in Atlanta, but this makes no sense.


Tonight looks like a good night to sit in front of the fireplace (after I finally have a chance to use the new snowblower!), and there’s definitely some (local) skiing on the agenda for tomorrow.  Meantime, you might enjoy this “backyard” ice rink video that appeared on my YouTube homepage when I was searching for Lindsey Vonn.  Not yet cold enough to play pond hockey, but maybe we’ll get there soon.  Hopefully. 


Have a great weekend!


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