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Thoughts From Abbott’s Inbox May 5th, 2023

Thoughts from my inbox

May 5th, 2023

It’s ironic that the subject line of this edition includes “Taco Bell” and “Marathons”…  Normally you’d think of sprinting in conjunction with Taco Bell.  Anyhow, today is May 5th and tomorrow is the first Saturday of the month, which means lots of Cinco de Mayo and Kentucky Derby parties going on this weekend.  Sadly, we won’t be doing either of them.  I will make sure to have a mint julep or two to honor the occasion, however.  If you’re not out partying or enjoying the nice weather this weekend, you can scroll down to learn more about seed vaults, chalupas, and how to properly respond to a cyber incident. 

Something about ...


I’m still getting over the big celebration from World Password Day (also Star Wars day- May 4th), yesterday.   Here a few good tips about securing your logins


I can honestly say that I haven’t eaten Taco Bell since college, but this article about Dorito dust, fat ratios, marketing effectiveness, and food science was pretty interesting. It’s an inside look at Taco Bell’s Innovation Kitchen where they come up with 10 new menu options every year (and to get 10 new, they have to test 70, which means they need to consider thousands). 


We’re sponsoring the Hattie Larlham Thrive 5k run/walk this Sunday at the Cleveland Zoo, and I think we have a free entry or two still remaining.  First two people to respond to this telling me they’d like to run will get a free entry.  If nothing else, it’s a great way to see our amazing zoo!  And, once you’ve run this, you should be in good shape for the Marathon Des Sable six day marathon.  That’s the last thing you’d ever see me doing, but it was interesting to see the recommended packing list from a 2019 race finisher. 


I get a fair amount of grief here at the office for having so many browser tabs open.  On one monitor, I have Chrome with 63 different tabs open, and on the other I have 40 tabs open in Firefox.  I typically leave things open that I know I have to go back to and I came across this virtual tour of the global seed vault in Norway.  After you take the tour, you can search for all the different seed varieties they keep on hand, just in case something bad ever happens.  I don’t think I’ve posted this here, yet, as I’d like to think I would’ve closed that tab.  But if you’ve already seen it, I apologize. 

AI for Business

I’ve spoken with more than a few execs who having been using ChatGPT for business purposes, including creating social media posts and researching sales prospects.  I haven’t gotten into that yet, but maybe our new marketing expert can put it to use.   Regardless, the National Cybersecurity Alliance is offering a May 25th webinar entitled “Keeping Your Business Intelligent About AI” which will discuss privacy concerns and how to use AI for your business.  Sounds like it could be interesting.  

Incident Response

You can skip right to the last line of this article about incident response plans and the quote “…CEOs who put customers first do better than those who didn’t. Customers recognize that and come back.”  Reminds me of the company who called us a few weeks ago, looking for a new provider.  Seems their existing provider had been hacked and the hackers claim that they have exfiltrated the data of all 60 of said provider’s clients. The provider is not being forthcoming with their clients about a possible data breach, but have admitted that they didn’t have any cyberliability insurance, as they thought it too expensive.  They didn’t think about their customers, and won’t have any to worry about after this issue is resolved.  

Earlier this week, I made mention to somebody that we’d recently watched a documentary on The Price is Right (which we used to watch every day, back in college). The “hero” of the documentary used to create spreadsheets listing every prize and its retail cost.  Because I guess he had nothing else to do.   And that dovetailed well with this piece about lost Jeopardy episodes and the woman who used a supposedly fake name to get on the show.  If that doesn’t interest you, nothing will!

That’s all for today.  Have a great weekend!


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