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Thoughts From Abbott’s Inbox July 14th, 2023

Thoughts from my inbox

July 14th, 2023

Greetings from sunny San Diego.  Haven’t been here in 20 years, but I’d be happy to visit again soon. Last year, somebody decided to put the AM&AA summer event in Dallas.  In July.  105 degrees in a sport coat isn’t optimal.  They wised up this year and the conditions couldn’t be better (although the turnout was a little on the light side).  Anyhow, trying to get this out the door so we can get to the airport for the flight home. Scroll down to read about social media surgery, malvertising, and a few more interesting items. 

Something about ...

Social Media Surgery

We spoke with a fellow conference attendee last night about people getting information and advice (financial services and wealth management in her case, technology and cyber security in ours) on social media.  TikTok, in particular.  So it was appropriate when this piece about an Ohio cosmetic surgeon who was live streaming her procedures on TikTok (and providing running commentary).  Back when she was still allowed to practice.

Snail Racing

It was a slow news day… The Snail Racing World Championships are back, after a two year COVID pause.   No word on whether the racers were eaten with garlic and butter, later that night.  

Security Updates

Microsoft releases their security updates once a month, on what’s become known as “Patch Tuesday” (in this case, 130 updates, nine of which are deemed critical).  Conversely, Apple releases their updates on an as needed basis. Consumers typically have to make updates manually, while businesses often (and should) have an automated system for pushing these “patches” out across their networks.  Best case, patches are tested in a small subset of a network to confirm that they don’t break things.  Worst case, the patches are absolutely urgent and have to be pushed out before testing.  And sometimes, as with Apple this week, things break.   


It seems like at least once a week I have to track a package, as we hope to give a client an update as to where their new laptop, firewall, or switch is, and when it will be delivered.  So of course hackers are now targeting people looking to track USPS shipments.  Take this as a reminder that just because a link appears in a Google search doesn’t mean that it’s legit. 

Data Backups

Having good data backups is one great way to avoid having to pay a ransom, in the event that you’re hit by hackers.  The problem is, too many people assume that their data is properly backed up, and more importantly, easily recoverable.  Your data should be backed up onsite, encrypted, and replicated elsewhere.  Those backups should be verified on a regular basis, and you should confirm that in the event of a disaster, you can actually get your data back.  Otherwise, you’re still stuck having to pay the ransom!

Hoping for a good flight home.  Air travel seems to be a mess these days. We thought our 6AM flight out here (through Chicago) on Wednesday would be sufficient, but ground stops at O’Hare delayed us by 90 minutes in Cleveland.  Had to de-plane and rebook the ORD – SAN leg, and then faced more delays in Chicago.  Got here just in time to get our display set up.  No deadlines getting home tonight, but it sure would be nice to be on time!


Have a great weekend.


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