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Thoughts From Abbott’s Inbox Aug. 4th, 2023

I’ve been working on this week’s edition while sitting on the front porch of my wife’s family cottage on the Upper French River in Northern Ontario.  Her parents bought it in 1969 after having vacationed on the river for many years. We’ve always been “off the grid”, insofar as having no electricity (solar was a recent addition, back in 2008), no cell or internet service, and only a landline for phones.  Thanks to Elon Musk, as of this summer we now have internet connectivity through StarLink, which means we can spend more time here by spending some of our time working remotely. 

Jim Millican gave me plenty of grief on Tuesday night when I messaged him at 9PM, asking a work-related question.  He told me I should be enjoying nature and a good book.  I explained I had work to be done, but had enjoyed plenty of nature already that day, listening to the bald eagles, loons, and hummingbirds, and having caught enough fish for dinner. 

And now that I’ve spent three plus hours this morning trying to get the solar system back up and running (solar = satellite internet= work) due to a misconfigured generator, we’re back in good working order.  Read on for inbox info on Dead and Company, Tesla jailbreaks, and undersea cables.

Something about ...

Buried Cables

I came across this piece about the undersea cables that make the internet what it is.  And it reminded me of the time I was fishing here at the cottage with my then soon-to-be mother-in-law.  We were out trolling for musky one evening after dinner, and I suddenly had what I thought was a huge one on my line. Fought it for five minutes, only to get it to the boat and find out that it was the under water phone cable.  Oops.  Anyway, I wonder what happens if somebody catches the internet cable between London and New York?

Dead and Company

While many of my high school friends were Deadheads, I never really got into the music as it’s way too mellow for my tastes.  Over the years, I’ve learned to like some (definitely not all) of it, but since I just spent four days here with my brother-in-law who’s seen close to 300 shows over the years, I figured this was an appropriate piece about Dead and Company’s final shows as a touring act (and I know that I have at least one die-hard Dead fan who reads this regularly).

Breach Notifications

If you’re required to follow SEC guidelines, then you should probably be aware that they have new rules in place regarding your duty to notify interested parties of a data breach, within four days of becoming aware of it. As with all government regulations, however, it seems as though there are loopholes and plenty of different ways to interpret the new guidelines. (note: There is a link here under “interested parties”.  I just can’t get this new software to cooperate with me at the moment)

Exploited Vulnerabilities

This one gets a bit into the technical weeds, but if you’re curious to see what the most commonly exploited vulnerabilities were in 2022, you can click through to this article. The two most common effected Fortinet SSL VPNs and Microsoft Exchange servers.

Tesla Jailbreak

I don’t know many Tesla drivers off the top of my head, but I’m sure there are a few reading this piece.  New hacker research has shown that, with a little skill and $100, you can jailbreak your Tesla to add such things as heated seats while removing guidelines about where you’re permitted to use autonomous driving.

AI At Work

We just had a new employee manual published and I didn’t see anything in it about the use of AI at work.  Evidently, some companies don’t want their employees using the new tool, even if it makes them more productive.  We’ve used it a few times, for the purpose of writing SEO-driven blog posts on certain topics. I gotta say, it’s a big time saver to enter the search parameters, get a 300 word post in return, and then update it as we see fit!

Nancy's Nuggets

Many of you are aware by now that my wife Nancy, after 20+ years in the interior design and construction world, has taken over Ashton’s marketing duties.  As such, she likes to send me things that she thinks would be good for this newsletter.  I guess I need to start posting them to stay in her good graces, so we’ll see if she sends me enough to have a regular spot each week.

We eat dinner every night around 7:30, which, according to recent research, puts us an hour behind the typical Ohioan. And while Californians eat even earlier than Ohioans do, they also seem to get in trouble for recycling fraud.  If you need to stay away from the authorities, you can always buy a fleet of cars and rent them on Turo.

Being where we are, there’s no running to be done (if I were a runner) unless one heads four miles down river to the marina. And as to the nearest movie theater?  My guess is that it’s the one 90 minutes away in Sudbury, ON.  

But, those factors won’t prevent me from sharing an article about the movie Oppenheimer (we had tickets two weekends ago, but were double-booked and couldn’t take the three hours to see the movie.  We need to reschedule, as I hear it’s good) or “Beer Mile” races (while there’s no running here, there’s plenty of cold Canadian beer). 

Have a great weekend.


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