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Thoughts From Abbott’s Inbox Aug. 25th, 2023

Anybody else lose their power last night?  We did, a few minutes after all the phones screamed bloody murder about a tornado warning.  Our power is still out as of this writing, so it’s a good thing I don’t usually care to work from home.  We even had a call here at the office from one of our locally-based vendor reps, asking if he could use our office this afternoon, since he has no power either.  I think I surprised him when I told him to come an hour earlier and join us for burgers and brats on the grill…


There’s nothing about the power grid today, but scroll down to read about the history of Apple, grocery store sushi, paper airplanes, and a new LinkedIn hack, among other items I found this week.  

Something about ...

Apple iMacs

Need to learn a little more about Apple and how they got to where they are today. Here’s an interesting one about how the iMac saved the company when it was introduced in the late 90’s.

The Business of Food

Saw two articles in the WSJ over the weekend  regarding the food industry.  While I’ve seen Rao’s tomato sauce on the shelf at Heinens, I couldn’t tell you whether I’ve ever bought it.  Maybe?  It sounds like it might be good stuff, as Campbell’s Soup just bought the company for $2.7B. And if you’re not in the mood for Italian, you can always go to Kroger’s, which is the biggest sushi retailer in the country.  Never would’ve guessed that.  


If you’re an infrequent user of LinkedIn, you might take the time to check your account and update your password.  If you’re in on a regular basis, I would imagine that you may have already been aware if you’ve been hacked, since this article is now a week old.  Regardless, LinkedIn was hacked and many users have been hit with ransoms


World class adventurers often push the limits, and that’s fine. But they also tend to make some really bad decisions.  Throw in wealthy people who think that lots of money qualifies them to climb the highest mountains or dive to the deepest depths of the ocean, and there is plenty of room for disasters.  Stories about climbing K2 and diving to the Titanic both came through my inbox this week.  Both a long reads, but interesting.  

MSPs Under Attack (Again)

If you’re working with an outsourced IT partner, now’s a good time to review the steps they are taking to protect not only your network and data, but theirs.  An Akron-area technology provider recently went out of business after being hacked and used as a point of entry into many (if not all) of their 60 plus clients.  Turns out that the provider did not have cyber liability coverage (they thought it too expensive) and did not have proper data backups.  Now, the Play ransomware group is the next to target managed services providers, knowing that one successful breach attempt may then get them access to hundreds of other companies.

Kids' Stuff

As odd as it was to get articles about climbing and diving in the same week, it was just as odd to get pieces about the history (and physics) of paper airplanes, and (a three year old piece) the Pennsylvania Stone Skipping championships.  I was never very good at making paper airplanes, and haven’t tried in years, but any time I’m near water and find a flat stone, I’ll try and skip it.  

Nancy's Nuggets

It started off with Nancy on a healthcare kick this week, with interesting pieces about how ransomware effects hospitals and their patients and a woman who speaks through an avatar using AI and a brain implant. And then she went from smart people to suckers…  Anybody remember Fyre Fest (if you haven’t seen the Netflix documentary, it’ll make you feel better about yourself)?  It turns out the guy who scammed everybody with the first one is trying it again.  Wow. 

I’ll end this week with two more articles (one about Barbie’s Dreamhouse and a second about how leadership styles can effect cybersecurity), and a random trivia fact that some of you may know; 


My wife Nancy and I were delivered two hours apart by the same doctor, on August 27th, a long time ago.  So, if you see her this weekend, please wish her a happy birthday!

Have a great weekend!


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