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Thoughts From Abbott’s Inbox Sept. 29th, 2023

It’s hard to believe it’s almost October, and the weather is still nice enough (when it’s not raining) to have the doors off my Bronco. It’s so nice, as a matter of fact, that we decided to roll out the Ashton grill today and serve lunch on the picnic table in the parking lot. I’d offer up a recipe, but it was the usual- burgers and brats. Nothing fancy but (seemingly) a crowd favorite.

From an inbox perspective this week, there’s some architectural detailing (see image below), what to do when you drop your phone in the toilet, a resurgence in ransomware, and more cheating tournament fishermen.  Enjoy!

Something about ...


Have you ever looked at the domain and wondered about it?  I can’t say that I have, although I have wondered about domains that end in .io.  Somewhere back in my brain I knew that those two letter codes after the dot were country codes ( makes sense as it’s the Canadian Broadcasting Corp., and .ca is for Canada), but never thought of the countries or territories that claim .tv, .io, .me, and more.  But now I know!

iOS 17

Have you updated your iPhone yet to the new iOS 17?  If not, you can look forward to quicker sharing of contact info, better search functionality in the messaging app, destination check-ins, better autocorrect, and more. 


My wife is an interior designer by trade, and before coming to Ashton to handle marketing, she spent 10+ years selling stone and tile.  So, she offend sends interesting pieces related to architecture, design, and building.  This one is all about Kaynemail (not to be confused with chainmaile).  This stuff is plastic, and while originally designed to be a lighter-weight version of the stuff that knights wore, it’s now being used in architecture and design.  

Security Updates

No sooner did Apple release iOS 17 for iPhones than they came out with a security update.  That’s one good reason to wait a few days or weeks before installing the next best thing… let somebody else be hit by the security concerns.  In addition to iOS, there are also updates for iPad, Watch, and various Mac OS. We also have Cisco and Mozilla (Firefox browser), for those using their solutions and software.


No sooner had I hit the send button last week (which included a link on ransomware and the fact that the Ukraine war reduced activity for awhile), than Travis sends me another study showing that ransomware is coming back.  Insurance claims, ransom amounts, and fund transfer fraud have all increased significantly in the first half of the year. 

Season Tickets

As a hockey fan, I will never like the Pittsburgh Penguins. Not even once Sidney Crosby retires.  But, I have to admit that it’s pretty cool to have their players delivering season ticket packages to their ticket holders.  I heard the Browns considered doing this, but were afraid of all the dropped envelopes.

Phones In The Toilet

I didn’t realize until just the other night that my iPhone is waterproof, and I won’t jinx myself by saying any more about that. But, I did come across a piece this morning about what you should really do (rice isn’t the best answer) if you drop your phone in the toilet. 

Nancy's Nuggets

Nancy has been too busy working this week (lots of email marketing taking place) to send me much, other than this one about the new Nerf-land in Brazil (and the armor, above). If you’ve ever been to our office, you’ll know this is appropriate based on the number of Nerf guns and darts floating around.  


And while she didn’t send me this, she does consider herself a pretty good fisherman, so this too is appropriate; another article about fishing tournament cheaters. Nobody ever said criminals were smart. 

It seems like we’re getting two beautiful weekends in a row- perfect for attending football games on both Saturday and Sunday afternoon.  Only problem is, the leaves have started to fall and I need to spend some time with a blower strapped on my back… have to see what I can come up with.  


I’m sure you’ve been terribly concerned with the Las Vegas casino hack of a few weeks ago.  Both MGM and Caesars are back up and running, although one paid the ransom and one decided to restore everything on their own. Which one made more sense (and cost less)? Of course, the lawsuits have just started rolling in…

Have a great weekend, and Go Browns


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