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Thoughts From Abbott’s Inbox Nov. 10th, 2023

I’m off today, getting ready to drive to State College, PA, to watch the Nittany Lions play “that Team up north” tomorrow.  A college buddy of mine has had Penn State season tickets since his daughter started there six years ago.  She’s graduated but he now has a son there, so he kept the tickets.  Each time we (two from Ohio, one from Massachusetts, and the Pennsylvanian) go to a game together, the host Nittany Lion fan says “I need to find a game where you guys could actually cheer for Penn State”.  So, last year we decided on the Michigan game, because there’s nobody we’d rather see lose!


It’s been a quiet week in the inbox (aside from work-related emails), but I was able to scrounge up articles on AI surveillance cameras, cyber insurance, the letter ‘R’ (not Sesame Street) and more.  Enjoy!

Something about ...

Veterans Day

I would imagine that I’ve shared the above pic in the past, but since I can’t recall, I’ll do it again today in honor of Veterans Day.  The guy in the middle sitting on the wing of the downed Nazi fighter is my dad, who fought in WWII, and happened to be Officer of the Day at his British airbase on June 6, 1944. 


When our son spent a high school summer in France, living with a host family, he texted asking for pictures of grandpa from the war.  I sent him this one, and as it was the first day of his stay and the language barrier was still in place, his host family thought that Jimmy’s grandfather was a Nazi.  Panic ensued and I had to quickly send other photos proving that he was one of the good guys!


Anyhow, happy Veterans Day to all (including three of our Ashton teammates) and thank you for your service).  In case you wondered, the day was created by a shoe repairman from Kansas, and became known as Veterans Day back in 1954.

Cyber Liability Coverage

We regularly talk about the importance of cyber liability coverage, the fact that it’s getting harder to get (or keep), and the many simple steps that can be taken to ensure your coverage. While this article looks at it more from the perspective of the enterprise (lots of references to Chief Information Security Officers), it actually applies to all businesses. Whether you have somebody inside the organization dedicated to technology or need outside assistance, you have to have somebody focused on putting all the necessary measures in place.  And they can’t just check the boxes, assuming that your business has each measure (we’ve seen that done on more than one occasion).  


Our last house in a nice suburb of Cleveland was broken into twice; once soon after Christmas (with lots of big boxes out on the tree lawn, waiting for the garbage truck) and in broad daylight, and the second time, late one evening while I was playing hockey and my wife was in bed. So, this article in which burglars provide their expertise on how to avoid being burgled jumped out at me.  


Everybody agrees that December is a good time of year to break into houses (check).  But there’s some dissent as to going after nice homes or less nice homes.  Alarms seem to be a good solution, although we got one after the first break in and it didn’t stop the second break in.  Light timers are good (check, check, check) and big dogs are better (check), but I guess not when they’re in a crate (no more crates for our dogs).  Read on for other suggestions from the experts…

AI Cameras and Surveillance

Drive down Lee Rd. in Cleveland Heights some night, and you’ll see plenty of blue lights on the telephone poles; Surveillance cameras due to crime.  Drive out Rt. 87 through Hunting Valley and you’ll see the same cameras.  The claim is that they’re used to track license plates of cars coming through town that have been involved in crimes in other communities.  How much surveillance is too much?  Interesting that in the same week I got the article about AI cameras being connected to one another, I also got an article about the mess that San Francisco has become. In one examplea street fight was caught on multiple cameras and by multiple sources, then pieced together.  

The Letter R


I can’t believe that I read an article (well, most of an article.  Actually, some of an article) about the letter R.  And watched a video about “crispy” Rs.  As far as I’m concerned, “r” is one of 26, but some evidently feel that you can learn a lot about “people, culture, and politics” based on how people pronounce “the weirdest letter”.

Real Estate

This piece is in theory about real estate, but it could also be about statistics and how they’re created/analyzed.  A loyal reader sent me a piece this morning about American homes getting “bigger and fancier” since the 70’s.  And while the average size declined between 2015 and 2020, it’s now been increasing.  This reminded me of a WSJ article I read a few months back, saying that home sizes (as well as number of bedrooms/bathrooms) has been decreasing.  So, who do you believe and how do you interpret the stats?

Nancy's Nuggets

Nancy was too busy creating marketing materials and content this week, and so left me hanging on this section…

I’m headed out the door.  Hope you are, too.


Have a great weekend and Go Bucks! 


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