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Thoughts From Abbott’s Inbox Dec. 8th, 2023

I hit “send” on last week’s edition while we were in Las Vegas for the U2 show at the Sphere. If you’re a fan of the band or live music in general, you should find some tickets and fly out to see a show before their residency ends.  After tonight, they have 19 more shows, going into early March.  The audio and visuals are absolutely amazing; the picture below is one I took from our spot on the floor. Doesn’t really do it justice, so here’s a video from the same night shot by somebody up in the seats.  Now that you have some music to accompany your reading, scroll down for data breaches, colors, Google accounts, and more.

Something about ...

Data Breach News

Lots of data breach news this week, effecting both the private and public sectors, and both domestically and internationally.  While the Japanese Space Exploration Agency and a UK nuclear site would both have data of interest to many organizations, you’d think they’d have better security measures in place. The same goes for a Fortune 500 title insurance company, an aerospace company, and 23 and Me, which holds data for millions of people. 


We hear from people all the time that “nobody wants my data” or “I’m too small to be a target”.  Well, they may be right in the fact that nobody wants their data, but the hackers know that, data or not, if you can’t access your data, you’ll pay to get it back.


Color of the Year

“We see an increased focus on community and people across the world reframing how they want to live and evaluating what is important—that being the comfort of being close to those we love. The color is one whose warm and welcoming embrace conveys a message of compassion and whose cozy sensibility brings people together and enriches the soul.” If that doesn’t make you want to click through to see what the color of the year is, I don’t know what will.


Our friends at TrustedSec offer a wide variety of cyber security solutions.  Penetration testing, for one.  When we’ve put all of our security measures into place for a client, TrustedSec can come in and test those measures to verify our work.   They also like to educate, and on Wednesday, December 13th, they’ll be offering a webinar on Business Email Compromise (something I touch on frequently in this publication).  If you’re interested in learning more about BEC and how to protect your network, feel free to register here.

Bourbon and Bacon

If you’re looking for something to do after work today (and need to get some Christmas shopping in while you’re at it), stop by and see our friends at Arborwear.  They’re hosting their second Friday happy hour of the season, featuring bourbon tastings, bacon, and blues. Great deals on great clothes (they outfit our team in fleece and work pants), and a good group of people to go with it.  If you stop by, look for Billy and tell him we sent you.  

Old Google Accounts

Trouble finding that old Google account you created five years ago and rarely (if ever) use?  It could be that Google deleted it for you, due to inactivity.  They claim it’s a security issue and they’re doing it to help you out, but my guess is that they’re just trying to create space on their servers.  

Government Hacking

News about more Russian-government backed hacking aimed at defense and governmental targets, as well as academics, is a good reminder to “think before you click”.  The article notes that these hackers continue to improve upon their ability to evade detection… which takes us back to the fact that the first line of defense is having educated users who “trust but verify”.  

Nancy's Nuggets

Nancy has been fighting a cold all week, and while she’s been working, she didn’t send me anything to include herein.  It’s a good thing I have some valued readers sending me things in her stead.  


The Chinese government (through TikTok, of course) is suggesting that you put toilet paper in your refrigerator to get rid of odors. 


How many pickup drivers do we have here?  The number one selling vehicle in 33 of 50 states in 2022 was a pickup (Chevy Silverado and Ford F Series led the way and Dodge Ram snuck a few in ).


Looking to travel in 2024?  Here’s Conde Nast’s list of the best places to go. Maybe you’ll be able to find a McDonald’s when you travel, so you can pick up an adult happy meal.

I had something a few weeks back about the world’s new hottest pepper, aka “Pepper X”.  Came across another article this week about America’s love for hot food.  And if you’re interested, I still have three ‘one chip challenge’ chips on my desk.  Stop by and I’ll eat one with whomever is interested. 

If you’re not a pepper fan, how ’bout Apple?  They have a bunch of new security updates this weekincluding Safari, Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

Have a great weekend, and go Browns


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