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Thoughts From Abbott’s Inbox Jan. 26, 2024

Make sure to read everything below, as I might have to take next week off.  We’re headed to Charleston, SC for the winter AM&AA (Alliance of Mergers & Acquisitions Advisors) event.  We’re one of the sponsors, and our hope is to educate all the dealmakers on the idea of technology due diligence during an acquisition.  While diligence runs the gamut from financial, to compliance, and legal (and more), technology is often overlooked.  


Technology is a black box as it is, and if buyers aren’t aware of the issues with networks, systems, hardware, and security, they can often be in for a rude awakening, post close.


Anyhow, hopefully I’ll have some time to put something together next week.  In the meantime, scroll down for cockroaches, Super Bowl conspiracies (I’m convinced the NFL is paying Taylor Swift to “date” Travis Kelce- look at how many more eyes are watching now), swatting, and more.

Something about ...


Want to feed your ex to a zoo animal to celebrate Valentine’s Day (symbolically, of course)? Not sure how I missed this one last year, but the San Antonio Zoo is raising money and feeding their animals at the same time.  For a small donation, you can have a cockroach, vegetable, or rodent “named” after your ex.  Which will then be fed to one of the zoo’s animals.  


Since starting this fund raiser a few years back, they’ve raised over $200,000.  


I’ve read a handful of article about swatting, but now it’s being used as a ransomware tool. 


A day or two after receiving the above marketing info in my inbox, I got a piece about the director of CISA (Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency) being targeted by swatters.  

Real Estate

I haven’t had a good real estate listing in a long time, so when this one came across, I figured I’d better share it.  12,000SF but only six bedrooms.  On the other hand, it has a dozen bathrooms.  If I were buying, I’d insist they throw in the mega-sized decorative fishing lure that hangs to the right of the bar…  

Tracing Blockchain

I know nothing about crypto and the blockchain, but this very long and very detailed article about a cryptographer who decided to analyze the blockchain and millions of transactions that take place with cryptocurrencies is pretty interesting.  The main premise of crypto (so I gather) is to make every transaction highly secretive, but this researcher got around all of the security measures.  

Ski Economics


Three of us were sitting on a chair lift at Peak n Peek this past Sunday, discussing ski resort economics and wondering why all nine chairlifts were in operation, yet only 40% of the runs were open.  Was it due to staffing?  There was clearly plenty of man-made snow on the closed runs.  Is the still privately held resort trying to increase revenues (“sorry, we’re not selling 1/2 day passes today”, we were told) and cut costs in hopes of selling out? Anyway, two days later, as if my phone were listening to me, I got this article about ski resort econ (more of a 101 level class than the 301 I was hoping for).  


And to prove that my phone definitely was listening to me, I also received an article about indoor skiing in Sweden.  I cross-country skied for a few years as a kid, but then realized that I’d rather let gravity do the work…

Spy Cams

Ever had the sense that you were being spied on?  Spy cams in hotel rooms and rental properties are becoming more and more common. Now, you can figure out how to find them.  

Apple Updates

Apple has pushed out security updates for a variety of platforms and devices, including iOS, Mac, Safari, and Apple Watch. Check them out and make sure you’re up to date and secure. 


Additionally, there’s a new setting for your iPhones that will prevent a thief from accessing financials or changing your passwords. 

Microsoft Hack

While the press release claims “a very small percentage of Microsoft email accounts” were compromised, it’s seems as though they were rather high value; senior leadership and those on the cybersecurity and legal teams. Were the hackers that good?  Were Microsoft’s security measures weak?  Was their workforce not properly educated?  We’ll probably never know, but this is a good reminder that even the biggest companies in the world with the most money to spend on security need to be more aware.  

Thirty years ago this week, the hosts of the Today Show tried to figure out what the Internet is. And now, the internet claims that the NFL is scripted and the Super Bowl logo is telling us who’s going to win this weekend’s conference championship games.

While you’re watching games this weekend, I would imagine that many of you will be eating pizza.  Here’s a list of 
what pizzas your football watching peers around the world, from Dayton to Sweden and Argentina will be eating while they watch.  Now I’m hungry!

Have a great weekend.


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