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Thoughts From Abbott’s Inbox March 29th, 2024

How could I start this week’s edition off in any way other than to share the tale (tail?) of the  skydiving beavers (although I suppose rabbits may have been more appropriate for the holiday weekend). It’s even more appropriate considering we celebrated a friend’s birthday last weekend at Bummin’ Beaver Brewery in Auburn. If extreme rodents don’t do it for you, scroll on down for running waiters, hacking ethics, construction physics, and more. 

Something about ...

Hacker Ethics

While I know that ransomware actors used to be known for their outstanding customer service, I never really considered ‘hackers’ and ‘ethics’ in the same sentence.  Sure, there are “white hat” and “black hat” hackers, but according to one article, hackers have lost their ethics in who and how they attack.  

Random Pastimes

One of our former engineers, Tom Evans, is a big birder, so I figured I’d include this article about bird-watching for him (although he’s probably already aware of the furor caused by two people both claiming to have spotted 10,000 different birds!). 


And twice in the past week I’ve had articles appear about the recent Parisian waiters race, which took place for the first time in 13 years, in advance of this summer’s Olympic games.  I figured it must be pretty important…


And I can never ignore an article about hockey skates.  Well, skates, anyway.  This one a skate ‘blade’ determined to be over 1,000 years old.  


Talking here in the office this morning about the Browns considering a move to the west side, and the fact that CLE airport management is concerned.  Travis said “well, it’s a 25 year upgrade plan”… which reminded me that I’d opened but not yet read an article on why it’s so hard to build an airport.  Just another example of the random things that make their way to my inbox.  

Multi-Factor Authentication

When we first started implementing multi-factor authentication for clients, the belief was that it (MFA) would stop 90-95% of phishing and hacking attempts.  But, as with all things designed to stop the bad guys in terms of cyber, that too has begun to fail.  This article goes into specifics (a little too specific) about “phishing as a service” ($120 for 10 days), and how it can defeat MFA.  I checked with our engineers and they’re already working on mitigations to make sure that MFA still does its job.  

Cybersecurity Remediation

Came across this “commentary” about “getting security remediation on the boardroom agenda“, and while I can’t really figure out what the author is trying to get at, he does bring up a few things that we see pretty frequently.  Granted, we’re typically not dealing with clients large enough to have boards (other than our non-profits) or companies with 8,000 (no, make that 9,000) servers.  But we do see companies who have no idea as to what technology assets they have.  

One we’re currently working on has an owner who thinks they have close to 1,000 PCs/laptops deployed across the company, while the CTO feels it’s closer to 600.  We’re working to sort that all out.  The key takeaways from this article, though, are not boring the execs with the technical nitty gritty, and having a “single view” of your risk.  These are two ideas that we make sure to follow, whether we’re selling to new opportunities or working with existing clients.   

Real Estate

If I were going to buy a $59M house, I’d expect the basketball court to be full size, rather than half. Actually, if I were spending that much, I’d probably tear out whatever size court it was and put in a hockey rink instead.  And what mansion is complete without a shark tank (although 750 gallons must be a typo, as that would only 10’x4’x3′- clearly not big enough for a shark of any note).  

If you’re celebrating Easter this weekend, I hope you find all your eggs.  And if you’re looking for something to watch, I’m told that this documentary about the Barkley Races (a 100 mile race through the Tennessee woods with a 60 hour time limit) is pretty interesting.  There’s also baseball, with the Indians off to a strong start last night.  At this rate, they’ll wind up 162-0 and not allow any runs!


Have a great weekend.


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