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Thoughts From Abbott’s Inbox April 26th, 2024

Some weeks, I don’t have enough room for all the interesting things that come through my inbox, and other weeks, I can barely find enough to fill a page.  This week was one of those weeks. Scroll down to read about the threat that Chinese hackers present to all of us, the random things that people leave in Ubers, and the best seagull impersonator you’ll ever hear.


Something about ...

The Chinese Threat

If you believe everything the FBI tells you, it sounds as though we have been completely infiltrated by Chinese cyber threats and they’re just waiting to pull the trigger, so to speak.  

Data Recovery

Whenever we’re onboarding a new client or auditing a company as part of a due diligence assessment, we use NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) guidelines to determine their security status.  We also use NIST as a baseline for all of the security measures we deploy to our clients’ networks.  This piece about NIST guidelines makes a good point, though, in that said guidelines don’t include anything about actually recovering from a data breach. All too often, companies tell us they have a great data backup plan in place… but none of them talk about the ability to recover their data in the event of a disaster.  And many providers (or internal IT resources) don’t bother to actually test that their data backups can actually be recovered in quick fashion should something bad happen.  It doesn’t do you much good if your data is “backed up” but you can’t actually get it back when you need it most.

Shiny Keyboards

We once had an end user send back a keyboard because its keys had become too shiny. Maybe it’s that memory from seven or eight years back that led Travis to share this piece with me.

Arbor Day

You probably didn’t know that today is Arbor Day.  In honor of that, Ashton President/Founder Jim Millican (along with his wife and daughter), engineer Logan Halaby, and I spent Tuesday morning in Columbus with our friends from Hattie Larlham.  We were at their Dahlberg Learning Center, helping kids plant flowers to take home, as well as a new tree on the property. In conjunction with the event, we’re sponsoring Hattie Larlham’s $5 Friday this week where we’ll be matching up to $2,500 in donations.

Real Estate

When I first saw this ‘narrow’ home in Jacksonville, FL, I thought the price ($619K) was pretty crazy.  And while a quick search of local (Cleveland) real estate listings turned up more than a handful of houses for the same price, but with twice the space, I was surprised to see a $620K house here in town with only 100sf more space


Pretty sure I didn’t realize any of the following; the US is hosting a cricket world championship, there are both temporary and permanent “cricket grounds” on American soil, and there’s an American cricket league.  

For those of you who missed our recycling days last week, the event was successful enough that will be doing another one, soon.   In total, we collected close to 30 laptops, 20 PCs, 35 monitors, and plenty of other devices including battery backup systems, phones/tables, routers, and printers.  We also sent our recycling vendor onsite to one of the churches we provide technology support to, and they filled up an entire trailer.  If you’re looking to reclaim office space, put closets to better use, or just take care of some spring cleaning, let us know.


Have a great weekend.


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