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Thoughts From Abbott’s Inbox May 17th, 2024

Lots of good stuff this week, so let’s cut right to the chase;  Scroll down for graduation speeches, cyber attacks, foul balls, tacos, and more!

Something about ...

Cyber Attacks

Our EVP Travis seems to find a lot of worthwhile information on Reddit.  While this one turns out to be a question on writing a resume, the real issue is why the person is preparing a resume.  Their law firm was hit by hackers and lost a large sum of money.  The client is suing the firm, and half the firm’s employees were let go.  Often times, people view ransomware and security breaches as having the obvious costs, while not thinking about the longer term/bigger picture items like job loss and business closure.

Security Updates

Security updates this week for Microsoft (various products including Office, Bing, and Edge), Apple (OS, iOS, and Safari), Adobe (Acrobat, Illustrator, and Dreamweaver, amongst others), and Cisco.  If you’re working with an outsourced technology provider, all of these updates should be automated.  If you have an in-house person/team, they may be automated, but we do still see/here about these updates being done manually.  And if they’re not being done by anybody, then you have some big issues at hand!


The last time I ate tacos (a few weeks back), I couldn’t leave the house for a day and half.  And for once, it wasn’t too much hot sauce.  Regardless, when not one but two taco items appeared in my inbox this morning, I figured it was a sign that I had to share them.  An Indiana judge just ruled that tacos and burritos are sandwiches. And a Mexican street taco joint just earned a Michelin star.  

Graduation Speeches

I couldn’t even venture a guess as to who my college graduation speaker was,  although it’s safe to assume that I was struggling to keep my eyes open. Jerry Seinfeld spoke at Duke’s ceremony last weekend, and if you missed it, you should find 16 minutes to watch it. It’s a combination of good humor and words of wisdom, including “We’re embarrassed about things we should be proud of, and proud of things we should be embarrassed about.”


I’ve been to enough baseball games over the years that I’ve been lucky enough to track down or catch four or five foul balls and homeruns. And while I did watch a kid in front of me catch two balls within 15 minutes at the 1997 All-Star Game workout day, I’ve never seen anybody catch two foul balls on consecutive pitches. I hope he played the lottery that night!

SEC Regulations

If your business supports any publicly traded companies, it’s getting more difficult for you to meet the SEC requirements regarding data breach reporting.  And we’re seeing much of the same with CMMC compliance requirements for firms supporting Department of Defense contractors.  A manufacturing company called the other day, looking for a technology partner, and said they work with the DoD.  I asked about CMMC compliance and he was convinced they didn’t have any of those requirements because they were too far removed from the actual DoD.   I tried to explain that he really needed to consider it; if not now, then in the very near future, but he swore it didn’t apply to them.  Some times, companies just aren’t a good fit for us.   

Nancy's Nuggets

Did you know that, before Avon became famous for door-to-door sales of makeup, they sold books?  Just like Amazon.  


A geologist claims to have figured out where the Mona Lisa was painted.  


And a guy in California was told by city officials that he had to put a fence across his driveway, because his boat was an eyesore.  So he did this.

We just had a bunch of landscaping done at home, and we were told to water everything, including the newly reseeded lawn, for 30 minutes once a day. That was two weeks ago, and I think we’ve watered twice… thanks to all the rain we’ve had. Now we  have nice green grass coming in, and no dead shrubbery (knock on wood).  It looks like we’re supposed to have a good weekend, though!  That means golf and watering.  I also hear (through client Maureen, who dropped off a few laptops for reconfiguring this morning) that the Indians are unveiling their new ‘city connect‘ uniforms tonight. If you ask me, they’re horrible and look like softball uniforms.  Whatever it takes to keep ’em playing good baseball, though.  

Have a great weekend.


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