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Thoughts From Abbott’s Inbox May 31st, 2024

Just back from a big lunch with Jim Millican and a couple of our former (I’d say “old”, but they might get offended) schoolmates.  We all ate a lot more calories than we probably should’ve , and if you’ve ever counted those, it’s thanks to some early 1900’s era doctor.  If you don’t want to read about calories, scroll on down for air travel, deep sea travel, space travel, and more!

Something about ...

Total Recall

This just seems like a bad idea, all around.  Microsoft plans to roll out a new AI tool called Recall, that will regularly take screenshots of everything you’re doing on your PC.  These screenshots will be stored for 90 days, and allow you to intuitively search for things you’ve seen or done on your PC.  Of course, Microsoft claims that none of the data will be sent back to them (that would be too much like Google), but as the article suggests, there are a ton of security concerns with this.  You log into your bank account and a screenshot is taken and stored.  Then you get hacked and now your info is available for all to see.   Security and privacy, out the door!


Real Estate

Any Home Alone fans out there?  If you’re looking to buy a house, the McCallister home in Winnetka, IL, is back on the market.

Security Updates

Google has pushed out a security update to their Chrome browser (used by 65.4% of the global internet population, as of April 2024).  You can do that one yourself.  At the other end of the spectrum, Fortinet has released an update for their SIEM solution.  If you’re using Fortinet (not something that we provide), remind your IT partner/resource to make the necessary updates.

Air Travel

According to the CNN article, prototypes for multi-level airline seats have been around for at least a few years.  This is the first I’ve seen of them.  Not sure I’d want to be on the lower row in the coach seats, with zero ability to see anything going on around you. 


If you’re not big on air travel and prefer the deep blue sea, we have another person trying to prove that wealth has a negative correlation with common sense, trying to take a submersible to visit the Titanic. 


Speaking of “air travel”, the next time you want to get revenge on your loud neighbors, do as the North Koreans do;  just fill up a few bags with your weapon of choice, tie them to some balloons, and send them on their way.  Unfortunately, you probably can’t determine which of your neighbors will be the recipient of your gifts…

Construction Companies

We have a long history of providing technology support to construction companies (as well as architects and engineers), so this news isn’t really anything new to us; construction companies are now (have been for quite some time, actually) the target of hackers.  Why?  Because there are lots of invoices going in an and out.  All it takes is for a hacker to gain access to an email account, and then they just wait for the right moment to step in the middle, send a well-reproduced email with “new” banking info on it, and wait for the big check to be misdirected into their account. Sadly, we see it all too frequently.  Another good reminder, especially when banking is being done via email, to get voice confirmation from somebody you trust on the other end of the transaction.  It’s an extra couple of minutes but can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars.  

Nancy's Nuggets

Ashton President Jim Millican is headed to Florida this weekend; he has friends in high places at NASA and has been invited onsite at Cape Caneveral to see a rocket launch. Maybe he’ll be asked back in the fall when they launch a wooden satellite into orbit.  


I’m not sure why this greenhouse helmet, patented back in 2021 made it into Nancy’s inbox this week, but it did.  And it reminded me of something Phil Dunphy might have invented.  

That’s all for this week, but because I can’t resist posting videos of people chasing cheese down a really steep hill, you get that one.   Hoping to get some golf in this weekend, and it’s pretty safe to assume that I won’t be doing any abseiling.  I learned my lesson on that, years ago.  How ’bout you?   The Indians continue to play good ball, and both NHL conference championship series are down to best of three. Go Oilers!  I know what I’ll be doing with my free time this weekend.

Have a great weekend.


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