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Thoughts From Abbott’s Inbox June 7th, 2024

Happy National Donut Day! If you’ve known Ashton long enough, you might be aware that we try and deliver donuts to various clients on this momentous occasion.  Between Nancy, Francisco, and I, we’ll have delivered 1,000 donut holes yesterday/today.  This year, we decided to thank many of those clients who’ve taken the time to provide feedback about our engineering team, through our client satisfaction tool. If we missed you this time, have no fear, we’ll be back around soon.


 By the time you read this, I’ll be in NYC, visiting our son and his new apartment.  I guess that a short (holiday) week followed by another short week leads to a lack of newsworthy information.  So this week’s edition is pretty short and sorely lacking in terms of technology news (it doesn’t help that I’m compiling this on Thursday night, while Friday morning usually sees lots of good stuff in my inbox).  I do have plenty of baseball for you, some pig butchering, Forrest Gump, and more.  Enjoy!

Something about ...


When you’re thinking of cybersecurity, baseball teams and their ballparks probably aren’t first to mind.  So, I was interested when this piece about the Boston Red Sox and Fenway Park and all of their cyber solutions made its way to my inbox yesterday. Mention was even made of the St. Louis Cardinals hacking the Houston Astros (couldn’t happen to a better team) a few years back.   And it just so happened that I was listening to the Tribe game at the time.


I wasn’t sure about including this piece, but since I had a section on baseball, I figured why not?  Anybody up for baseball with black lights?  And lastly, since we’re on the topic of baseball, I had to mention the fact that 10 cent beer night happened 50 years ago, this week.  I’d love to say that I was at the game, but I think my first Tribe game was a year (maybe two) later. 

Pig Butchering

I’ve had articles about pig butchering in the past (It’s not as bad as it sounds. Although, at $715K in this case, maybe it’s worse?) In this instance, a 75 year old was hit up on LinkedIn and ended up being scammed out of $715,000.  Ouch.  Don’t believe anybody who tells you they’re interested in you for your boyish good looks and charming personality.  

Professional Students

There are people out there who just can’t seem to move on to the real world, and instead become “professional students”. While this one actually has a job, he also has 14 advanced degrees, and claims it’s because he loves to learn.  Hmmm.

Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump was released thirty years ago this week (I don’t recall seeing him at 10 cent beer night, though). I enjoyed this Garden and Gun article about the movie, and thought it perfect timing that somebody sent me this TikTok video of Tom Hanks explaining where his character’s accent came from (I don’t have TikTok- don’t worry, you can still see the video).

Real Estate

Haven’t had an NYC real estate listing in my inbox for awhile, so it was appropriate to get one yesterday.  For $8M+, you can pick up this beautiful 3BR apartment overlooking Central Park.  Seems like a steal.  

We’ve had two clients refer us to other businesses this week, which is amazing.  And one of those is a company that we won’t officially be supporting until July 15 (although we have been doing various technology projects for them over the past eight weeks). So, thanks to Marc and Jason for putting in the good word for us! 


 A couple of weeks back, I had a piece about the World Cricket Championships being held in the USA this month.  So, I’m sure you’re all well aware that the US upset Pakistan yesterday.  Reading a couple of articles, it seems that this one is right up there with USA over Russia in the 1980 Olympics. Unfortunately, however, the 4-3 hockey score in 1980 was much easier to understand than was yesterday’s cricket score.  


Game one of the Stanley Cup Final is tomorrow night in Florida.  The matchup between the Panthers and Edmonton Oilers is the longest distance (2,541 miles) ever between two Stanley Cup finalists.  The Oilers have won three in a row since I pulled my Connor McDavid sweater out of the closet, so yes, it is making the trip to NYC with me.

Have a great weekend.


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