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Thoughts From Abbott’s Inbox June 21st, 2024

Sorry I’m late with this.  Jim and Travis sat down in my office at 1:18 as I was trying to put the wraps on this, and I knew I’d lose at least thirty minutes.  I don’t have anything interesting for an introduction today, so you can learn about Russian anti-virus protection, Excel experts, the Canadian […]

Thoughts From Abbott’s Inbox June 14th, 2024

It’s 630AM as I putt the wraps on this week’s edition.  Weather is looking good after a threat of rain, and I’m headed out to play golf with a couple of people in the M&A world.  Time to talk about due diligence during a merger or even during an exit. And not that I’m superstitious […]

Thoughts From Abbott’s Inbox June 7th, 2024

Happy National Donut Day! If you’ve known Ashton long enough, you might be aware that we try and deliver donuts to various clients on this momentous occasion.  Between Nancy, Francisco, and I, we’ll have delivered 1,000 donut holes yesterday/today.  This year, we decided to thank many of those clients who’ve taken the time to provide […]

Thoughts From Abbott’s Inbox May 31st, 2024

Just back from a big lunch with Jim Millican and a couple of our former (I’d say “old”, but they might get offended) schoolmates.  We all ate a lot more calories than we probably should’ve , and if you’ve ever counted those, it’s thanks to some early 1900’s era doctor.  If you don’t want to read […]

Thoughts From Abbott’s Inbox May 24th, 2024

Based on the way I played golf at the Laurel School athletic boosters event on Monday, you’d think I’d never swung a club before.  And what a bad way (aside from being on the golf course, rather than in the office) to start the week.  On a brighter note, the week is ending on a […]

Thoughts From Abbott’s Inbox May 17th, 2024

Lots of good stuff this week, so let’s cut right to the chase;  Scroll down for graduation speeches, cyber attacks, foul balls, tacos, and more! Something about … Cyber Attacks Our EVP Travis seems to find a lot of worthwhile information on Reddit.  While this one turns out to be a question on writing a […]

Thoughts From Abbott’s Inbox May 10th, 2024

The sharp-eyed readers out there might notice that today’s edition was sent from a different email address; This is on recommendation from all the smart people around me, and is in hopes of getting this into more inboxes and fewer spam folders, while also trying to avoid a ding on our email credibility. If […]

Thoughts From Abbott’s Inbox May 3rd, 2024

Sorry for the late start today, but it just means the end of your week will get here even quicker.  Had a breakfast meeting at 9A today, and by the time I got to the office, it was time to fire up the grill for chicken and ribs.  Of course, the charcoal never started properly […]

Thoughts From Abbott’s Inbox April 26th, 2024

Some weeks, I don’t have enough room for all the interesting things that come through my inbox, and other weeks, I can barely find enough to fill a page.  This week was one of those weeks. Scroll down to read about the threat that Chinese hackers present to all of us, the random things that […]

Thoughts From Abbott’s Inbox April 19th, 2024

There’s an old saying about “fool me once, shame on you… fool me twice, shame on me.”  I was out for tacos with a fellow technology sales guy/hockey dad earlier this week.  I ordered a burrito but they brought me three tacos.  It’s all the same, just wrapped up differently, so I didn’t argue.  Ate […]